Friday, November 05, 2010

The Sun

The Sun, (Flying Girl Tarot Card)
repurposed menu, pencil. acrylic paint, watercolor

I did this at work yesterday. Someone I know was having a hard day. I thought, you know, I don't have it in me to be a mom to everyone I know. I just don't have that much energy. I barely have it in me to be mom to my actual kids, but then I thought, I don't have to be a mom to everyone. I have something to give that is my own special thing to give.

Then I asked myself, if I had something to tell her, what would I have said? And the image that popped in my head was The Sun, from the tarot. And then of course, the song, Here Comes The Sun went singing through my head.

What did this image mean to me? As a message for her? Hard times come. There's no stopping them. But if you look at them as a passage we must travel through, if you understand that there is an end to struggle, and you understand that after darkness comes light, well, then, you know the struggle will have its own purpose. And you know the sun will come. Life will be joyous again. All is right with the world (even in those days/weeks/months when it seems like nothing is right).

And what kind of message is that for me? Because you know, all the messages I have for you are messages for me. When people buy prints and paintings from me on etsy, as I am packaging up those pieces, I am getting a message that I need to hear.

So what this piece is saying to me is to enjoy the sun that is shining today. No matter the struggles or worries, the sun is still shining. Even above the clouds, it is shining. Open yourself up to the joy of life, and let it be the beautiful life that it is.

nanowrimo: 20432


Ana Goncalves said...

That is a beautiful painting, and a great way to connect yourself with the current moment by tapping into another. Did you give this uplifting painting to your friend?
It is truly enlightening for one to realize the struggles we go through are for our greater good, and to accept these experiences as they are. Such joy there is when appreciation is present, and I see you highlight that beautifully.
The continuation of a very and insightful happy Art every day month.
Love and light ~ Ana

Kelly said...

That was so sweet of you to make the lovely sun image for your friend. I am sure that it brightened her day.

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