Thursday, November 11, 2010

Altering a Bleeping Big Thrifted Man's Sweater

Neckline: Foggy Day Sweater
AEDM day 10
thrifted sweater. thread. scissors. snip snip.

I have decided that what I have is not a cold, because I don't have the whole stuffed nose cough tissue dropping thing going on. What I have is a mild versions of my daughter's nasty flu. That is why I have not been able to think. So okay. Let it go. I will fall behind on my nanowrimo. I have time to make up my numbers later.

But last night, after while watching America's Next Top Model, I finally took out my old sweater.
Here it is, pre chopping.

It's a big baggy sweater that is fairly soft of a nice heathered greeny gray. Like a foggy day. It's a little tight in the neckline for me. I want it for throwing on after a day of work, over my tshirt, to lounge about in. But I'd like it to be more stylish than just a big old baggy man's sweater.

So the first step was to cut out the neckline. I was inspired by this sweater, that I have been staring at for months, it seems. I am afraid of cutting the arms. That seems a much bigger step to take. But I think I really need to do it. I think this sweater needs it's arms chopped off. However, I like feel the cozy sweater around my wrists. I think I am going to have to take the jump and just do it. (Whenever I make something, there is often a stage where I don't want to take the big step, to try something new, to possibly ruin it... and I just have to go for it.)

The neckline has improved it already, so why the heck not? Plus, there's something awkward about the big shoulders on this sweater, they don't lay flat, so I'm thinking a wise chopping and stitching might improve the whole thing. Who knows. Maybe I'll ruin it. But I'm still counting it as my aedm item.

Oh, I also just wanted to say that I finally got my invite for pinterest and I am now officially obsessed. I may have to let go of my small and heartfelt blog for the pinterest boards, since I use s&h as a pin board of things I like, but it takes me about 20 times longer to do a s&h post as it does to click the little "pin it" button on my bookmark bar. Sorry if you liked the blog, but I just don't have the time to maintain it the way I would like. Come on over to pinterest. If you need an invite, email me and I think I can send you one.


pluckychickenheart said...

I love the neckline change on that sweater. Can you tell/show how you cut it? I can do basic sewing but I don't know the complicated stuff.

I'm off to stalk my local thrift store.

P.S. I locve Elsa Mora too. :o)

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Amazing how something simple like a neckline can make your sweater go from a man's sweater to something feminine.

JES said...

Okay now, wait one damned moment. I don't know what you mean by "a s&h post" and "sorry if you liked the blog" etc. But I really really, I mean REALLY hope you're not talking about shutting down Warrior Mama?!?

Julie Jordan Scott said...

yay for leaping in with the changed neckline. The photo of the feminine sweater also makes your neck look so swanlike! Love it!

My NaNo numbers have been falling flat lately, too. It is tech week for my show and I am practicing letting go for brief chunks of time knowing the numbers WILL CATCH UP later.

Hang in there!

Read my aedm check in here.

Rowena said...

Don't worry, John. I'm not doing anything to Warriorgirl. No, the blog I might let go of is my "stuff" blog, small and heartfelt. I really use it like a pin board for things I find online that I want to remember. But if I have the pinterest board for that, and it takes less time to do, then I've got to do that in the interest of stream lining all this social media stuff. Plus, I get to see all the pretty pictures in one place.

Anne said...

Can't wait to see the finished sweater! I have a few similar projects that I've been holding onto, afraid to take the first step. I guess I should just take the leap. Thanks for the inspiration!

Bobbi Lewin said...

Pininterest is fun, and it's such an easy way to keep track of things you find on the internet. I can't wait to see the completed sweater. I love the idea of re-doing clothes into something new.

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