Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Pink Pennant Banner and The Grumpy Day

Pink Pennant Banner
repurposed kids clothes, tulle
AEDM, day 7

Well, good morning.

I have a cold and am tired and achey and cranky. DON'T mess with me.

However, I'm still trying to maintain my creative goals. Despite the way life have a tendency to whack one over the head with the busy stick. Eh, to be honest, it's my day off, I'm not that busy, except for the kids climbing all over me. Apparently they did not read my entry today, particularly the part where it said DON'T mess with me. Sigh.

But, to maintain AEDM, when I was feeling like a grump and having no ideas that were at all creative, I used my jar of creative ideas and pulled out a project that inspired my imagination in the past. I ended up pulling a project that I've been putting off for months.
I told the kids months ago that I would decorate their room like a circus. I figure it would be good for cross gender preferences, the lions and bright colors for the boy, and the sparkly decorations and pretty ladies for the girl.

One of the things I'd planned to do was to create coordinating pennant banners for each side of their rooms.

Pulling this project now made me go to my scrap clothing bin and pull out an old pair of pink camouflage sweat pants that Ivy was too big for. I would have preferred pink flowers or stripes, but those who are lazy cannot be picky. That would be me, the lazy one. I almost cut up a pink flowered dress that I didn't particularly like, but the girl saw me and cried out, "Oh not my princess dress!" and so a new princess dress-up dress was gained (seen in the first picture).

So pink camouflage it is. Please notice, I did not sew a darn thing. I just cut out triangles and slit little holes in the top. It's sweat shirt material, so it won't fray. That was part of the plan, my friends. A particularly nice detail, I thought, was when I realized that the roll of tulle I had leftover from another project would make a good ribbon. And it did. I used a bobby pin as a needle and threaded it through the slits I'd made in the top. Tied the ends into bows, and then pinned it up to the wall in her room.

Here it is, in her room. It's not a very good picture, but did I tell you I was lazy?

She likes to put her toys up at the top of her bed so she can make up stories about them. Along with the dolls and stuffed animals, there are a couple of fabric flowers, a pinwheel, a flower lei and a potty chart award, as well as a dream catcher, and barely visible to the side, her very own pink Flying Girl mobile. In this light, she kind of looks like a girl on the flying trapeze. She's already asked for a unicorn painting... and I either have to paint it or I have to buy something from etsy. The boy asked for a lion. Or was it a tiger? I don't remember.

Anyway. Grumpy and Sick Rowena has done her duty for AEDM. Grr.

I still have to go write for Nano, if I can dig up the time alone to do so. Grr.

I need some chicken soup and orange juice. Luckily, I made chicken soup two days ago when I felt the cold start to come on. Hey! I should put the chicken soup in my AEDM count.


alisaz said...

What a wonderful idea with decorating the room like a circus! Your kids are so lucky to have a mom like you :)

But actually what I am most excited about it your creative jar! How great is that? I am making my ASAP, too often I fall a victim to my lack of inspiration. Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

What fun creative ideas. I am going to have to make a creative jar as well. I love your pictures, they just seem to tell a story as well as display the craft items.

septembermom said...

Very creative and fun way to decorate the room. Hope the chicken soup and orange juice help you feel better.

Anne said...

I'm impressed that you still managed to be creative even when you weren't feeling so well! I'm much too lazy for that!

I love the idea of a creative jar.

Hope you feel better soon!

Leah said...

Feel better!! (That's an order!)

I love how in the top pic it looks like the pennant banner is coming right from your daughter's skirt.

Kara aka Mother Henna said...

That first photo is absolutely the coolest thing I've seen! Just something about being off camera and just grumpy feet showing :) Hey, take care of you, sip that chicken soup, and sending you lots of Reiki vibes from here! LOOOVE the no-sew pennant -- and the creative jar!! WOWSERS brilliant!

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