Friday, November 06, 2009

Pear, or Enjoy the Little Things

pen and paper, 8x5
I don't have a quote from a truly "inspirational" source today... but I did go see Zombieland with my brother yesterday, and although I am zombie phobic (so why did I go see it? I don't know) I am going to take my inspiration from the main character's rules. One of which was
I figure if this rule is good for a world of zombie apocalypse, it will do for me in the years that my children are barely civilized savages who want to eat what they want when they want it and will scream and run ravening for me if they don't get it. Not too far off from zombies, right?
So here's my drawing of a snack. I'd already eaten the cheese and crackers and decided to draw the pear half through the eating of it.
Enjoy the little things.
Along with enjoying the little blessings, I think it's important to recognize the little accomplishments, the things that don't seem to get you closer to your big goals, but do in fact help your life to work.
I've never been good at this life maintenance stuff, living in my head and painting pictures and writing novels and enjoying life, but losing track of the daily stuff. The dishes in the sink. The bills. The people I should keep in contact with. Paperwork that I should pull together. Even a healthy diet.
It probably means I am not connected to my base chakra, or I am not grounded or perhaps I need a keeper. I don't know, but being the mom of little kids is really challenging my tendency to live in my head.
You just can't do it. They need too much daily care for me to live all in my head.
For instance, yesterday, I lost my whole day of creativity because I had to get some old paperwork of Ivy's straightened out. It took up my writing time and I only ended up writing 777 words all day. The rest of the day it was taking care of the kids and making dinner and cleaning up and just making it through with the lack of sleep that was slightly more than normal as I'd woken up early for the paper work gauntlet. I even kept my movie date with my brother, because, you know? maintaining relationships is also part of this life upkeep.
BUT I decided to accept that the maintenance and paperwork all was part of life and was in fact productive although it didn't seem to get me closer to my goals.
I didn't even write in my novel after I came home from the movies. I watched a DVRed Office episode to get the zombies out of my head and went to sleep early.
This morning, I woke up, not even all that early, and wrote 3000 pages while the kids were watching Dora and the Crystal Palace (thankyou Nick Jr). I made yesterdays wordcount and today's in an hour and a half.
Maybe this will help me remember that life doesn't have to be rigid in its expectations. We can go with the flow, sometimes not being perfectly on top of everything, and in the end, as long as we stay focus on the goal, be just fine.


Karen L R said...

what a lovely drawing!

Beverley Baird said...

What a great philosophy!
Love your sketch.

Marina said...

Great sketch of your snack!!!

aquamaureen said...

I thoroughly agree with the "appreciate the little things" attitude. In fact, I think that often, it is the "little" things that, when noticed and nurtured, grow into "big" things.

Just wondered something :) . . near the end of your post, you mention waking up and writing "3000 pages." If you really meant page, and not words, then I want some of what you are eating for breakfast!!! :)

Rowena said...

thanks all...

and haha, no maureen, it wasn't 3000 pages. Boy, if it were I could write a whole novel in about 15 minutes.

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