Monday, November 02, 2009

Be Do Have

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: A Journey/Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson
An Altered Book, mixed media, 2003

Chapter 13: The Thinker

I have a history of thinking too much. Of getting wrapped up in my thinking and not taking action.

I've been working on it for years, now.

I like this chapter. The white on black. The simplicity.
Be. Do. Am. It says. There's another saying. Be. Do. Have. The concept is that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to Be them first. Whatever you want to have in your life, you have to Be it. You want happiness? Be happy. You want abundance. Be abundant. You want to be a writer? Be a writer.
First the transformation happens in the head. The thoughts. Then you take steps. You do the things that come out of the happiness, abundance, writerliness. You play or offer thanks for what you have or, well, write.
Then after you embody the dream (Be) and after you take action on the dream (Do) then you finally get the results you wanted. You will have the happy life. You will have the wealth. You will have the three book deal with the major publishing company.

Sometimes, we get confused and think we have to HAVE the things before we can live the life we want. Have the perfect job, or the finished novel that's already inside our heads, or life perfect and serene which will bring happiness. But no, we don't reach our dreams by having stuff. We reach our dreams by accepting them inside ourselves and then moving forward from that secure place.

This month I am living into my dream of BEing a writer, by making room for it in my life. I am writing, 2000 words a day if things go my way, word by word, every session I can step away from the madness of a 2 and 4 year old. And maybe, when this draft is done, and I have the solid manuscript in my hand, then I can go on to the next step of this dream of mine.
Believing that I have what it takes to be a novelist. Being a novelist. Researching the agents, sending out queries, taking steps out into the world. Then, then after Being the novelist, and Doing what the novelist needs to do, I will have the publishing contract, and the books in the stores. Yes.
Honestly, that's always where I've been stopped before.
I've never really believed that I deserved it. I stall out. I get scared. I self sabotage.
In truth, I don't see how any of us can reach our dreams if we don't exist in them first. Be Do Have.
Oh, and a little luck never hurt anyone, either.
nanowrimo total: 3444 words. Day 1 1/2


alisha said...

i'm so glad you posted this. i really needed this. good luck with nanowrimo, i'm at a measley 430 for the day :-(

jess gonacha swift said...

Be Do Have. This is something I try to remember always. I completely believe that this is the way the universe works. I love your book pages-- the white on black is so simple and calming, thoughtful and calming. And way to go on your dream of BEing a writer! I think I'll join you and live into my dream of BEing an abundantly successful artist. Feels good!

jess gonacha swift said...

Oh, and I can completely relate to the self-sabotage and the thinking I'm not good enough or deserving of wild success. But actually, that's crap. WE ALL DESERVE IT!

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