Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh the terror and the glory of it all

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: A Journey/Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson
An Altered Book, mixed media, 2003

Chapter 7

Sometimes I think my altered book is reaching out of the past and tweak my nose.

It seems rather prophetic.

How did the book know that I would be infused with terror right about now? Lots of uncertainty and transition, opportunity and commitment, risk and struggle.

Sometimes I try to avoid the whole thing and get busy with tv or pointless web browsing or escapist fiction.

But I can see there are things starting to happen now, and perhaps it's time for me to step out of my mental retreat and enter the world again. Start getting things going. Stop feeling sorry for myself.


Here is my book reminding me that out of terror comes glory. Out of darkness come light. Out of confusion comes order.

You just have to keep going.

I believe in messages from the universe. I believe in synchronicity. I believe that sometimes we have to remember to listen.

So maybe if you stumble across this post today, maybe it's a message to you to remember that the fear doesn't have to conquer you. Maybe you just have to go through it, and have faith that there is indeed glory on the other side of the terror.


Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach said...

Thanks so much for this, Rowena! I read this right after I drafted my post for Tough (Question) Tuesday for tomorrow: How can you accept what you can't change? I'm definitely in some "darkness" right now, & while part of it is fear most of it is stress, frustration, & the inability to really do something about it. Reading your post & having that message ring out that I "just have to go through it" gives me some comfort. Thanks so much for that.

Lisa said...

Synchronicity shows up in such funny ways. Thanks for letting this shine through you!

thredd said...

i relent

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