Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Story In (Mostly) Pictures

Before bedtime milk and adventures. (picture by mama)

G wants to take a picture with the camera (picture by AiAi)

Mama and Ai Ai, G gets away...(picture by G) go on a jungle picture safari (by G)
Uh oh... Mama says picture time is over. (by G)

"My choo!" translation, me too. (by Mama)

Sitting on mama's lap learning to take pictures (by AiAi)

Bob is up there somewhere. (by AiAi)

No one has ever seen Bob, but he's up there. (by Mama)Sundown. Bedtime. (by Mama)

(It's fun to see what the kids see, even if they don't quite have the chops to handle a camera yet... someday they will. Just ask G.)

PS As a little added post, I was just over at Martha's blog (I do loves me some Martha Stewart) and she had a whole show on bloggers. I wasn't there, although it would've been fun, but she also has a post on her blog about starting a blog and a contest to be put on her blogroll. I just think it's pretty awesome that some small blogger somewhere can be a satellite in the Martha Stewart Universe. Check it out.


Kate Lord Brown said...

How gorgeous are your little ones? I love what they see - when we last holidayed (NY with the kids) we gave the six year old a disposable camera and album - she still treasures her shots because though they may look 'off' to us artistes they are how they see things ... great post!

D'Arcy said...

So important to get on their level. So right of you to take the time to really be with them and love them and teach them. I admire you greatly. Your children are breathtaking. Where did G get his red hair?

Anonymous said...

Okay, reality check says that the chances of winning Martha's attention are zero. The crazy fiction obsessed side says, what if you win? What if suddenly Martha mentions you! Then god knows who will hear your name and then...shudder.

Thanks for the tip, but I just don't know about that.

Love the art as always. I must sound like a broken record.

Allena said...

Oh.My.GOD. THose pix are classics, especially those darling baby feet. You don't know what I'd do to have more baby feet around here:)

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