Sunday, September 07, 2008

Breathe/In Breathe/Out

Writing Says: IN... this moment I am alive. this moment I am strong. this moment I am growing. this moment I am grateful. this moment I am dreaming. this moment I am in action. this moment I am okay. this moment I am breathing. this moment I am loving. this moment I am perfect. this moment I am feeling. this moment I am loved. this moment I am beautiful. this moment I am moving. this moment I am aware. this moment I am creating. this moment I am getting up and starting again.

This is one of the projects I've been doing while I have been without a camera. I've been making hand drawings/paintings/collages/whatever I want to do with them. I like these drawings. It starts with my hand, and outline of it, but my actual hand, and this serves to remind me that my fate does indeed lie in my own hands. It is my action that creates my life. What I do, what I make.

For the drawings, I do an outline in my journal, and then let my intuition take me wherever it needs to go. I am led by my subconscious. By the issues I have been dealing with. By a desire to try something new. By the colors that pop into my head or are in my paint box. I am led by a thought or a word or an image.

This triptych, coincidentally, matched the prompt for Inspire Me Thursday, so yesterday, I finished the paintings. Pink and gold came into my mind... the color of the light I used to visualize when I did yoga meditations. Then the pink and gold painting seemed so out of character for me. I am not a pink and gold kind of person. I couldn't figure out what to do to it to make it feel more "me," so I took a bathroom break and when I was washing my hands, I peeked in the mirror and saw my face. And there was my answer. Dark brown. The color of my hair, eyes, eyebrows. So I finished my painting with the darkness of burnt umber. I like it. It also works with my idea of light and dark being necessary parts of a whole.

I still don't know if this triptych is truly "me," but I do need to remember to breathe. Breathe in the energy, refill the well, release the bad, breathe out, allow my light to be free.

I also don't know if my pictures are all that great. Gold paint does not make for good reproductions, but I do like it.


mapelba said...

They're inspiring whatever you think of them. Keep going.

Kate Lord Brown said...

They're great - it's in your hands! Remember reading someone (Annie Dillard?) talking about the determination it takes to burn new lines in our palms.

dragonflyreflections said...

These are beautiful - love the message AND the colors!

Natasha said...

SO WEIRD! I would totally see gold when I did meditation. I love it.

It's been awhile since I was here...I've missed it. Thank you for all your well wishes and comfort when I was sick. You, along with others, made me feel awesome which helped me to heal.

These colors are fantastic and I love the ideas and the writing...

You have beauty within and I'm glad it's being released for us to share in!

Christy said...

Inhale the light, exhale the dark. Hope you're having a great week!

kazumiwannabe said...

I always love your ideas! Your drawings work very well together, they're beautiful and a great yin/yang illustration !

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