Monday, September 29, 2008

Flying Girl Enters the Sun, or Mandala

Flying Girl Enters the Sun, or Mandala, 9/28/08

I have no idea what this painting means.... or I haven't had time to sit with it and analyze it, and feel it, and allow its meaning to bloom.

But right now I am sitting, listening to music that I haven't listened to in what seems years, and everything seems to have more significance. It's the transcendence of Joni Mitchell's voice combined with her poetic words. I'm feeling a little floaty, here, so don't mind if I wander from thought to thought.

Did you know that Joni Mitchell is a painter? She's very good. Funny how when you're an artist, boundaries are more easily broached. You don't have to be JUST a singer or JUST a writer or JUST a painter... there is room for all of that to flower.

Just as there is plenty of room for inspiration to flower wherever it is planted. Or room for happiness to happen, anywhere it is noticed. Today, I will notice some of my recent happinesses. It helps, as does remembering to breathe.

Joni Mitchell and Night Ride Home makes me happy.

This photo from Marie Claire, August 2008, made me so happy, too. It's not because of Maggie Gyllenhaal, although she's a fine actor. It's the colors, the blushing, shadowy, yes and no colors. In fact these were the colors that inspired my painting. I imagined how I could used these colors in my paintings, and a muted sunset came to mind. After my thumbnail sketches and all my examining the colors, when I started, I just went with what I imagined. I can see now when I put the images next to each other, the color scheme is not exact. I wouldn't mind continuing with the colors, making the red more pinky and less yellowy. Changing the proportions to more of the blush, less of the dusty blue, more of the dark, too I think. But that is for another painting I think.

Slightly cooler weather makes me happy. I hear tell that it's supposed to be beautiful for another three months... the reason why people come to Florida, apparently.

A cool glass of water when you're thirsty. Truly nothing else is as good.

A picnic. Inspired by a Winnie the Pooh book, I promised the kids we'd have a picnic. So I packed up a basket with their lunch, tossed a checkered blanket over my shoulder, and carried everyone out to the backyard.
Grilled cheese sandwiches. Truly, it's the simple things. You forget how those melty things can taste so good and be so satisfying.

Spider stickers with googly eyes.

Heath Klondike bars. Just right for a snack for mama after the kids have gone to bed.

All the wonderful comments from my readers.

Watching the process of creativity expand as I am engaging directly in it. I knew I wanted to get my painting practice back, but I was not expecting the development that I can see happening. I am always on the look out for ideas. Unexpected things inspire me. Unexpected things happen when I allow the present to take me where it wants to go. Unexpected doors are opened. Unexpected directions are taken. It's just all too cool. I recommend taking on the challenge yourself.

Oh, hey. If you do, you won't be alone. Bad Faery issued a challenge to draw something every day for the month of October. It's called The Big Draw and is based in Britain, but none of that matters, if you go over to her post, you can sign up to play with us. It's a challenge to draw something every day for a month. I'm jumping on, even though I am really painting... but the paintings start out with a drawing, so... what the hey. What they hey to you, too. Wanna try?

Oh, that reminds me the nanowrimo is coming up. Looks like the site is up for the new challenge, so if you're interested in writing a 50 thousand word novel in November, hop on over there and sign up. Then tell me about it, we can be buddies. I'd better start working on my outlines. I hope I am not overextending myself with all of these challenges. But then, I always have been my most productive when I had the most on my plate. Maybe that's what I need to get my butt organized and light it on fire.

What would light your butt on fire?


D'Arcy said...

Hey Rowena!

I emailed you, but I don't know if you got it. Let me know!

Now I am going to read your post!

D'Arcy said...

This time of year in Florida is my absolute favorite! I lived there for three years and it will always be special to me.

I think it has been my association and feedback and encouragement from my fellow bloggers that has really lit my butt on fire this year!

Jena Strong said...

I love the mandala - and Joni Mitchell. As for a fire under my butt... it is too attached to the couch cushion at the moment to respond!

Robynsart said...

It seems like a magical time of year right now. I hope that all of our eyes can be opened to the possibilities!

Elizabeth said...

Deadlines usually get my butt organised, but always 'last minute madness' ensues.

The picnic looks great!

Look forward to seeing the results of The Big Draw from us all in the month ahead. Good luck!

Lynn said...

How sweet, and I love that they are sitting on a quilt. Wondering who made it. Adorable children having a picnic. I love too that they are reading Winnie the Pooh (the original or Disney version?) I still have mine from childhood (the originals).

mayaluna said...

Love your latest painting and the picnic! I'm going to head over to Bad Faery and check the challenge. This might be just what I'm needing. I want to illustrate so badly, but mothering, crafting, and blogging (in that order) seem to be getting in my way. Thanks for always sharing so deeply, I always feel satiated after I visit.

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