Saturday, June 19, 2010

Live This, or A Prayer

Live This, or A Prayer
Ink on Antique Book Page (Alice in Wonderland)
8/100 in 100 Creative Challenge, 6/18/10
I am trying to find my voice.
"WhaaAT?" say you. "Ain't you the girl who has all these Flying Girls floating around the internet?"
Why yes, yes I am, and yet still, I am searching for my voice.
I mean, I have a voice. I have been singing out loud for many years now, writing, drawing, painting, teaching, creating things, standing my ground. And yet, sometimes I feel as if there is more to discover.
I have no answers. I have no definitive description of my voice. And maybe this is good. It's possible when we have "figured out" who we are, we become landlocked in our own understanding of ourselves, and stop growing.
I go through periods where I explore certain things. I think Flying Girl lasted more than a year. That's pretty intense. And even now, she pops up without much conscious thought. She's still part of who I am. She is still part of my vocabulary. She shows up in different media. And the different media end up becoming part of my vocabulary.
Hmm. What if Flying Girl is actually my way into the new explorations. A kind of rosetta stone that can open up new languages in my creativity? That makes her pretty valuable.
This drawing, for example. No. There's no Flying Girl, not yet, but don't count her out. Actually, this drawing is pulling on an older language in my art. The doodles. The flowers. The houses. I really want the houses to come back, but I am looking for their way in. I just haven't found it yet. But I am liking the doodles/botanical inspiration.
To tell you the truth, drawing these is almost like meditation. It's kind of nice. I forget about that aspect of art sometimes. I forget how close to spirituality my art feels sometimes. I don't know if anyone else gets that when I they look at my work, but for me, art is near to my religion. My mixed up, made up, anti establishment, personally created spirituality/religion.
This piece here... this is like a prayer.


Brooke said...

I like it!! Keep up the drawing and let those old favorites in ~ looks like they have wonderful things to say. :)

Beverley Baird said...

Love your drawing - reminds me of zentangles.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about finding one's voice. That I am still searching for!

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