Friday, June 18, 2010

It Ain't About Fairy Dust

"I used to believe the world was magic..."
pen, pencil and watercolor on paper
7/100 in 100, 6/17/10
Welcome to my creative process.
I do not know what this drawing/painting is. Actually, I do. I was thinking about making a three dimensional hanging sculpture, a mobile, I suppose, maybe an assemblage. I haven't done one of those for years and years. I have all these little pieces that I made out of paperclay, and I want to do something with them.
I originally thought of just selling the little houses and charms on etsy, but something seems missing to me. Then I realized, I am not really a bits and bobs kind of person. These little pieces need to have a context to make me feel like they are complete. They need to be in dialogue with their surroundings, perhaps some companions, a color, a background.
It is quite possible that I need to do some scrounging and find some boxes. All those old assemblages I did in years past always started with found boxes. Broken jewelry boxes, old cigar boxes, sometimes just regular cardboard boxes.
But really, what I am doing in this period of time is trying to find my voice. Trying to find what I have to say. What I want to create.
I do not know.
This will be the journey, I suppose. And let me tell you, this 100 in 100 days challenge is keeping me accountable to staying on the track of my journey. I would be quite willing to blow it off if I didn't have the challenge.
Well, see you tomorrow.
ps. I just wanted to say that this drawing is lying a little bit when it says I used to believe the world magic and now I don't know what I believe. I totally believe the world is magic. It's just it is sometimes a very hard and difficult magic. Sometimes maybe always. The magic of transformation is painful.

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