Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chorus, or Dandelion Prayer

Chorus, or Dandelion Prayer
ink and watercolor pencil on vintage book page
12/100 in 100 creative challenge 6/20/10
I only have a few moments before work today. Here's another drawing. More hands. More botanical. I like this one.
The dandelion was a gift from my kids.
The hand is that thing I always carry with me and is useful for picking up stuff and making stuff. I like to draw my hand. It's the right hand, since I write with my left hand. A useful hand. And I'm using a contour line, which I always love to loosen up when I draw. I love it as a way to mark my life. A way to depict the world around me.
I tried to make the border more intricate, with a kind of floral negative line inside the boundary, but it was too fussy, and when I colored it in, it looked so much better.
Yesterday, I didn't draw anything at all.
Not true. I drew a circle. It's staring at me as I write this, round and empty.
It's wondering what I will fill it with.
I'm wondering if I have time this morning to fill it.

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