Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain and a Tiny Book

Oh a rainy weekend, really. At least after our adventure in the sun. But it's supposed to get warmer and sunnier all weekend, and Easter is supposed to be positively Springy.

I bundled up in sweaters and kept looking out the window. Every time I looked, the grass was greener and brighter. After the coming week of warmth and sun, I am expecting all the leaves to come out and the flowers to bloom.

I hope you're listening mother nature. I said I'm expecting green leaves and flowers. Do not disappoint.

I briefly mentioned that I was starting a job in a restaurant part time. I had forgotten about the dead times at restaurants, and stood around being bored, doing nothing and feeling unproductive.

So this weekend, right before I went to my shift, I whipped up a handmade notebook. One page of copy paper, cut in half, then in half again, then one more time... and yes, one more time, and then stapled in the center, with tape to cover the staples.

But that felt a little shabby to me, so I quickly stitched a book cover out of wool felt.

Boom. It became a book to treasure. It slides in and out of a pocket easily, it hides in your hand, it is readily available at all times.

I used it to make lists. People to talk to. Things to buy. And other lists, projects to work on. I wrote down my schedule in it, so I didn't have to go digging in my bag for my calendar. I wrote whatever was on my mind, like a little journal. It would be great for tiny drawings, or ideas for my novel, and even better for the kind of poetry that comes in those moments between tasks.

I used to write poetry between stops on the subway. Or while waiting for the food to cook in the oven. Or while waiting in line.

I'm very excited about my little book. I like that it's so low tech. This is no texting device. This is just me and a tiny piece of paper and a pen. I also like that when I am done with the one little book, I can remove it, fold and cut and staple a new one, out of scrap paper if I want, and start a new one. I love reducing, reusing and recycling. Last week I went to a store and didn't want to spend money on something that was not really suiting my needs. I'm so glad I didn't, because this is just perfect for me.

I added the orange dot to it later, just because. I've made a few more, and am thinking about adding book marks, or straps to keep it closed, or a chain so it can be worn.

What would/could you do with a tiny book like this. What kind of ideas would you fill it up with?


elanor said...

Just wondering, how did you attach the cover to the paper?

I've kept little books before, and love looking back at all the random ideas I've stuck in them, but haven't quite figured out how to make carrying one around convenient.

Rowena said...

The book is tucked into the cover, completely removable. I've seen similar books where the felt is glued onto the book cover, or where the whole thing is sewn together, including cover. But mine is made with two flaps, kind of, inside of which you can tuck the stapled book. Like the way you used to cover a text book in school.

I don't know if the explanation makes sense, but it's a simple procedure.

elanor said...

Yup, that makes sense! Thanks for sharing!

Stella said...

do you sell all these things on etsy--because I just want to buy everything I see that you make!

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