Friday, March 19, 2010

Hungry for Color

When I saw this painting, Pole Orange, by Labokoff on the Color + Design Blog, I just about lost my breath.

I don't know why I responded so much to that color.

What do you think about the visceral reaction that we have to color sometimes?

Do you think it means we are hungering for something?

I could imagine that wanting this color might mean I craved warmth, which I do, after such a long gray winter.

Or perhaps it means I am needing the vital energy of orange, that color that looks as if there are molecules zinging around.

Speaking of zing, maybe this orange-need means I want some citrus in my system. Vitamin C and the sparkle of the orange oil that squirts out of the peel when you first stick your thumbnail in the skin.

And there's something about the contrast of the gray that I like here, too. I don't think I'd feel the same if it were more bright colors, like orange/lime green/lemon yellow.

However, I really could manage sitting in an outdoor garden with a fresh key lime margarita, lemon colored sun, and some raw oysters with hot sauce and horse radish.

How does this connect to this picture? I don't know.

But wouldn't it be nice?

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