Monday, March 22, 2010

A Mystery Wrapped Inside of a Conundrum Wrapped Inside of a WIP

A Sneak Peak!

This is what I am working on now. Can you guess what it is? I made it with felt, yarn and thread. I feel very proud of myself for working out the construction.

This is the first sign of green in Michigan. Not grass. Not leaves. Not flower buds.


Old damp and in the shade moss.

But that's okay, I like moss. Maybe my current project is just a little bit inspired by the moss.

Any guesses on what my project is?

I'll give you some hints. It fits in the palm of my hand and it plays on the theme of inside/outside. Plus the previous hints of materials and moss. Come on, you know already, don't you?

I should just show you a photo, I mean, I'm not into the whole mystery thing, but the photos didn't come out quite right.

And besides, I get the feeling that something is missing in the project. I need to add something. Maybe until I figure out what it is, I'll keep it quiet.

I did just start a part time job in a neighborhood restaurant. Trying to save some money so we can move boldly forward. It's taking a little getting used to, after so long being a mom at home with my books and my paints and my pens. But sometimes, when you have other responsibilities, you use your time more wisely, than when you have hours without appointments stretching out before you.

Of course a mom of two under 5 rarely has uncommitted hours, but hey, who knows how everything will come together.


JES said...

One of those Faberge-type egg thingies? Looks like it might have been shot looking into something through a hole, at something else. Although I have no idea how you might have pulled off the fairly bright lighting.

If it's not one of those Faberge-type egg thingies, I wonder what you'd do with a project like that?

Interesting as heck, I bet.

Hybrid J said...

Really curious about your latest project. Hope to see it soon. Good luck with the new P/T job and hope your dream of moving boldly forward will become real very soon. All the best. :)

Magpie Girl said...

Hi Rowena,

Just dropped by today to say "I SEE you!"

Hope your new project is going great.

Much Warmth,


Stella said...

I think you are channeling some of the creations in Science of Sleep...I can't WAIT to see it!

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