Monday, July 20, 2009

Traveling River and City

Traveling River and City
47/100 in 100 Creative Challenge
Golden Fluid Acrylic

Have no fear, faithful readers. I have not been swallowed by the rising tide of new paintings.

We have shifting situations as my kids hit new stages of development (here we call it affectionately "you-have-got-to-be-f***ing*kidding*me twos",) and I have started the process of job searching and resumeing and thinking about what I have to pack for the move.

I've been exhausted and very busy with little time or headspace to get all the paintings and photo-shooting and uploading and posting together. Yipes.

But I got some business done so hopefully I can get on a roll again.

Do you see this painting? I do not know how I feel about it.

I wanted to use smoky grays and purples, after seeing some beautiful things on line, and yet it came out this intense color. And the clouds skipped away from foggy and entered dramaville. It reminds me of standing at this little park in Williamsburg, looking across the East River at the sun going down. We can just pretend it was during the most recent blackout and that's why there are no lights over there. I'd like to say that when that blackout happened, after 9/11 and after all of NYC changed over night, everyone was so worried that there would be crime and looting and madness. They thought it would be full of danger and fear.

But what happened that night was kindness and laughter, music on the sidewalks and restaurants giving away free barbecue. Neighbors who barely spoke invited people to garden parties and people who walked miles and miles to get home stayed on friends' couches until the electicity came on once again.

When it's dark, you wouldn't believe the power of the stars.


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

hugs. I love it! xo

Genie Sea said...

You described my experience in the blackout to a tee! It actually reaffirmed my faith in humankind (emphasis on the kind)! :)

Good luck in your journey through the 'you have got to be effing kidding me' twos! :)

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