Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goldenrod Light on Gray Horizon, Traveling

Goldenrod Light on Gray Horizon, Traveling
46/100 in 100 Creative Challenge, 7/15/09
Golden Fluid Acrylics on watercolor paper, 5x8"

This has so many layers and it took me forever. I started out thinking I'd try metallics again. You can actually still see some silver paint in the sky. But it didn't work out. I liked the warm gray better, the umber, and titan buff. And it wasn't yellow to start with, but orange. Can still see some of that there, too. And there's green, too. For something that seems so limited in it's palette, I sure used a lot of colors. I like it.

I think this is it.

I think this is the direction I want to go. I feel the urge to get larger with these paintings. Of course, that's not so easy since I don't have the time, space or supplies to get larger right now. Plus, I am getting ready to move, so not really looking to bring in bulky canvasses and all of that. This is not the time to get larger.

And yet. I feel it growing.

Not only do these paintings make me feel like painting larger, but they also make me think of other things. No. They don't want Flying Girls in them. That is not their purpose. But you know what? They want Flying Girls WITH them. I think these might come in pairs. I think the landscapes might translate into companion FGs. They might be separate, but also have inspired FGs, too. Oh I don't know. Maybe not, but the point is they don't close out the FGs.

I'll tell you something else. I'm going to start listing again in my etsy shop. I just have to work out some logistical problems... mainly time issues, and then I will try. And some of these will be going as originals, not prints at all. I don't actually see these travelings as prints. They seem like originals to me. And the gold Flying Girls have to be originals. Well, these are more logistics. I will give everyone a heads up on my process when I get things worked out.


Amber said...

I adore that they have Flying Girls within them.

m. heart said...

Oh, I love the gray and gold, it's like a distant shore.

aquamaureen said...

what I hear in your words, and see in your paintings and journal pages, is just what you said: growing. good.

ina said...

Beautiful. I love these.

I hear you on the logistical difficulty of trying to get larger, yet I'm glad that the urge is there for you. I'm working 9"x12" and feel like it's too small!

I wonder if you could just staple/pin a large piece of watercolor paper to your wall above your children's heads in your art nook? Then roll them all together & tube 'em for the move?

Of course, with moving, cross-country no less, in the plans, it would be very difficult for me to paint at all with any consistency, I'd feel so discombobulated!

jena strong said...

The logistics are nothing once you decide to move forward. Which you keep doing, inspiring me.

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