Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainy Days Photo Shoot

After months of no rain, we are getting steady rain that does not let up. No Florida sunshine. Clouds. Thunder. Downpours, Drizzle, Mists. The stones beneath our feet are beginning to turn green with moss or algae or whatever it is. The walls and floors of the house are damp. All the blankets have that heavy not quite wet feeling.

I don't mind. I like the rain. I like the indoors. Bright sun burns my skin and a lot of heat makes me feel stifled.

We had a break in the rain yesterday, and I went out into the garden for a little photo shoot.
These are the Bleeding Hearts. They are rioting crazy.

I could have sworn they were going to die with the freezes we kept getting this winter. A freeze is a big deal in Florida. The green all died back and they were nothing but brown stalks. Nothing else in the garden did that. They looked done for.

But after a week of rain, they are bursting forth with these faded papery looking blooms. Just a couple of red ones full blown.
I was amazed. They are still closed, but even still, to me they look like they are moving. Flowers in action, standing in place.

Take this all to mean whatever metaphor about my life that you wish.


Juliet Colors said...

Lovely pictures.

I remember a flower called bleeding hearts that grew in the garden when I was a child. But it appears to be a different plant.

Marta said...

Lovely flowers.

My dad lives in this odd spot in Florida where he can often see the rain in the distance, but he gets very little. The lake is too low and he and his wife work hard to keep the flowers watered.

Love the rain.

septembermom said...

Love the line: flowers in action, standing in place. Poetic. Lovely photos.

Genie Sea said...

Love the photos! Like a sea of flowers.

Jessie said...

oh my incredibly beautiful! thank you for sharing. i feel like i was there. :)

Mixing-Katie said...

Beautiful shots!!

Kate Lord Brown said...

The colours are gorgeous - great photos.

D'Arcy said...

They are perfect in their imperfection. Those colors are my absolute favorite. And it's a good thing, since that's the color I see when I look in the mirror every day.

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