Friday, May 08, 2009

Morning. Abstraction.

Morning. Abstraction.
Golden Fluid Acrylics on Paper, 9x6"

I am in a place of thoughtfulness, I think. I place of reorganizing life, but more so, re conceptualizing.

I thought some of you might like something different in my art. It's not a flying girl. Or a goddess girl. Or anything else with an overt message or spiritual journey.

It's just a painting and the meaning is there for you to interpret or not.

S looked at it in confusion. "Is it Hurricane Katrina?" he said. Okay. That wasn't my intention. So interpretation is up to the individual.

I happen to love many different kinds of art besides what I have been doing lately. I don't know what my style is, because it's always changing. And perhaps I have rarely given myself the opportunity to delve into one style or another. Not until this past year, anyway.

If I were to go through my life's portfolio, I don't know what it would say about me. I have everything there from faithful representations of still lifes to completely abstracted paintings. Cartoony images, line doodles, assemblages, photos, miniature figurines made from sculpee, years of self portraits, tiny watercolors of New York City streets.

What do all these things make me as an artist?

More important than trying to define me... where do I want to go next?

And what about the writing, which, were I to look at my files of my life's writing would be equally varied and experimental. No, not true. I experimented less with genre and devoted more time to single works and long term projects... like my 25 years worth of journals, or the archives or poetry, or the 3 novels I have in completed first draft, or 6 years of blogging.


What do you do when you feel yourself in a transition but don't really know what the next phase will bring or when exactly it will start?


Shell said...

I say stay open and follow your instincts. The next phase will flow into your life naturally if you let it.

Joanna Dover said...

Meditate! - Or at the least open your mind up and stop searching for answers. If you listen, the answer will come, as Shell said - stay open for when the answer arrives. And think positive! A change in direction is exciting and rewarding, surely it's better than continuing in the same direction forever?

m. heart said...

i just close my eyes and charge towards it! i've been going through a transition lately too...or perhaps everything that has happened with my parents in the past year has forced me to look at myself in a new and somewhat more focused and serious way. love this painting though, it looks like dawn. it's relaxing and energizing at the same time.

aquamaureen said...

listen . . . maybe even close your eyes to help focus . . but just listen: what makes your lips curve in a slow smile? what makes you sigh "ahhhhh"? what brings you joy?

Jessie said...

oh, delicious post filled with so much mystery! i think that, when in transition, we're supposed to just do what feels best in the exact moment. and then do that again and again and again until we get somewhere that feels like we're supposed to be there...and then the process starts all over again.

your post makes me smile...because there is something in here that i understand very well.

create on, dear sister! :)

D'Arcy said...

Agreed, Agreed, Agreed.

I have so many different styles that I keep thinking I'll never be a success, but so many of my favorite artists have gone through transitions. Most people just know Picasso for his cubist paintings, when in reality this man had portraits and still lifes and pigeons drawn on napkins (at his huge museum in Barcelona)

Keep at it, I like to see you vary it up, but I understand the frustration of not mastering one form too.

aimee said...

i ask myself this question every day and rarely have an answer!

beautiful painting :)

tekeal said...

i guess when possible i just keep listening... i love this picture by the way. speaks to me alot.

ophelia rising said...

Gorgeous picture. LOVE it.

I try not to over-think when something is coming over me creatively. (HA. That's rich)! No, seriously, while in the midst of my over-thinking, I try to take a step back and breathe and focus and clear my head. And just let the flow come, when and how it will.

I love all your diverse art. You have everything in you, unlimited and exceptional, and that is a beautiful thing.

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