Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Surprisingly, I Can't Stop Thinking About What it Means to Be Glamorous

I wrote this post about How To Be A Glamor Mom over on Domestic Glamor, and I meant it to be a light hearted piece about being sexy and chic, but instead of being a SAHM Sex and The City, I think it went deeper. Far from feeling like the expert on being a "Glamor Mom" I feel like I really need to take my own advice on most of these "hints." (Particularly 1 and 10, sigh.)

I think glamour is a surface thing, really, it's the appearance of something sexy and alluring... but the post I came up with, seems to be about being happy inside of whatever surface you have. The happiness radiates out into the glow that I choose to call glamor.

Glamor is magic, you see, but it doesn't have to be a phony magic trick. The magic of my glamor is about love. Love your self, love the life, and everyone will love with you.

Hmm. I still want to think about this more.


D'Arcy said...

I am SO glad I just read this! I was about to cut my bangs again, they keep growing out into this Marsha Brady-esque-hairdo and I can't take it!

This is a great post. I love fashion, I got to NY about four times a year to shop and I have never felt that it has made me shallow or materialistic. It's good to feel good about yourself....and how you look. Having a few special items in your wardrobe can make all the difference for a night out.

I am saying this as I am wearing my ratty Noam Chomsky t-shirt and yoga pants!! Nice....the anonymity of the computer is on my side once again.

But you got it right. Love yourself first! I am blogging about that tomorrow I think!

Rowena said...

It's funny. I have a cowlick, and every time I cut my bangs, I have to remember to cut them 2 inches longer than I want, because they will pop up.

My impulse hair styling forgot that.

Oh well, it's easier to pin back than the baby hairs I had before, which is what made me take out the scissors in the first place.

I, too, love clothes. Color and pattern and shape and texture that you can wear.

Sugar said...

There was an article recently just so mean and spiteful against moms that want to be glamorous. It was something to the effect that we've taken the women's lib movement back a hundred years. I think owning your glamour in every circumstance IS liberating! To consider yourself beautiful and glamorous in the day to day is just us radiating our inner strength and courage to show up and be ourselves. I think the woman that wrote the piece was coming from a place of fear of her own lack of self-worth. Clearly, you are coming from a place of worth. Awesome!

"The world is terrified of joyful women. Make a stand. Be one anyway!" ~Marianne Williamson

Rowena said...

Awesome quote.

I am just so sick of women cutting other women down. In the name of feminism or femininity or money or class or style or life choices or whatever the heck.

But particularly when in the name of feminism, because it's just so damn hypocritical, and because I am a feminist and they are giving us a bad name.

Patty Kennelly said...

I am always so impressed seeing women who wouldn't traditionally be considered "glamorous" - maybe they were overweight, maybe they were wearing the "wrong" thing - but their CONFIDENCE makes my head turn. If the inside doesn't match the outside - you're just a mannequin.

On the other hand - I notice an amazing difference in my world perspective if I'm showered and wearing something that looks good!

violetteb said...

That was a great post at domesticglam. You must be a phenomenal photographer though because your bangs look great.

Rowena said...

P. shower? what is this language you speak?

Violette, it's all shadows and light, smoke and mirrors, baby, that's glamor. You should have seen the photos I deleted.

Natasha said...

Love this post ...and love the idea of loving self ...when you love yourself, you radiate such positive energy and people want to be around you....as is clear from people coming to visit here....great post

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