Thursday, June 05, 2008

Flying Girl Is Aloft Again

Oh mi goodness! A photo! I hope I have managed to get through my technical difficulties and begin to post photos again. Even if they are not the most wonderful photos in the world... slightly blurry.

But that is besides the point. The POINT, my friends, is that sometimes, this is how I feel. Adrift in an uncertain world, not knowing which way the wind will blow. Will I keep flying and get where I need to go? Will the balloon burst, dropping me to the big SPLAT?

And yet, I must carry on... or perhaps it is more like I must continue to allow myself to be carried on the winds of change. Riding the wave, to change metaphorical element.

The other point is that sometimes, I do not have the words to explain the feelings. Or maybe I have too many words, and they get all bottled up.

Instead, I decided to paint a little picture, and let that speak for me.

Try it yourself. When you run out of words, when you just can't speak to that person, when you have no one to speak to, when you are unsure of what those words should be... pick up a pen, pick up a brush, and maybe all that you're holding back will start to flow.


Natasha said...

Oh I LOVE the girl being carried along by the's adorable...adorable...great advice on how to let it out...I'm so excited for you and your photos...hope to see more drawings!

Tiger Lamb Girl said...

Nice post. I've found it's good to go with the flow sometimes. And other times I have to just pick up myself up and make myself get on with it or my dreams kinda start to fade. It's a balance, I guess;).

Rowena said...

Thanks Natasha. Flying Girl is a character I've been painting for the last 15 years. She shows up at opportune times.

And tiger lamb girl, I totally agree. Sometimes you just have to get back to work. Whichever you do though, I think it helps if you stop (or never start) feeling sorry for yourself. (meaning myself, of course.)

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