Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Journal: an everyday sort of thing

I was looking at the site Inspiration Thursday and they had a prompt about finding the art in everyday. Well that just was so much like what I have been trying to live, that I had to take part for the first time. And rather than think and think about what I might do, and waiting for nap time to do it, or even searching through my past work to try to find something to fit into the topic (it wouldn't have been hard to find something,) I decided to hop to it and right that very second look around for my inspiration.

Found it. The boy, who was still for a moment watching cartoons. I could draw him, or at least make the attempt. (The girl was in no way, no how, any sort of still, so she is absent from my attempt today.)

So this is my every day, as it stands. Children and cheerios all over the place. Cartoons on the TV. My attempts at creativity. My journal and pens. My computer. My subpar technology (I wish I had my scanner here, but it's in storage.) And fifteen minutes, give or take, to get something done. Actually, if you look, there is some jagged writing caused by a girl trying to get into my lap as I wrote.

I hide nothing. This is it, every day, imperfect and... dare I say it? Beautiful.

*the writing on the page says this:
[opposite page, sideways]
My Journal: an everyday sort of thing

[next to the monster]
when not watching cartoons
[main page]
5 minutes he sat. I waited too long, took too much time, the he jumped up and continued his constant motion. TV is good for a few moments of stillness. All hail the cartoon.
[left arrow]
did not finish the face. I am out of practice.
[right arrow]
Imagine a cartoon about robots off in the distance.


D'Arcy said...

Hi! I found your blog through Sugar. Your journal and mine would be friends, it seems that when life gets too busy to really take the time to paint and breathe and be, the little sketchbook where I record everything becomes indispensable to my sanity.

Patty Kennelly said...

Love it.

Also the bangs. Hee hee.

Here's to creation.

Tammie Lee said...

I really like your little boy drawing, I can feel him immersed in his show.

Wendy said...

Rowena, the drawing is wonderful. How can you really put a face on a person that is moving at almost the speed of light? It is perfect just the way it is.

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Great journal entry. Your lines are exquisite. Nice job.

Rowena said...

D'arcy, I am really trying to get back into my journal. It's been so long since it was my constant companion. Now I blog and email and message and take digital photos, but I miss the tactile presence of a journal... and the rumination and the creative compost heap that is the hardcopy journal

P: you saw the bangs, huh? Yikes.

tammie lee: thanks for the compliment. I was so focused on getting the drawing in fast, I didn't know how well I conveyed anything. Drawing kids from life is HARD.

Wendy: You can't. Well, maybe I'll try again and get better at it.

Peggi: thanks. that means something coming from someone with your portraiture skills.

Jean said...

lovely, sweet journal...maybe it's time for the Iron Giant movie!! my little sizzler is 10 now but that movie gave me almost 2 hours...everytime...

your sketch is beautiful

Walk in the Woods said...

Very nice. Very nice. :)

m. heart said...

wonderful sketchbook page!

Lorraine said...

I like the fact that like me you have taken what is around you everyday to create art..your a talented artist..great page

laurel said...

Love your sketch. It seems fitting for the subject.

Barbara Hagerty said...

I love your journal page, the sketch, and how you have found your art in your natural surroundings, including your little ones. I also love that you call your "imperfect" day, "beautiful"!

Rowena said...

Jean: Iron Giant? We haven't tried that one, but he does love his superheroes and badguys. Thank you.

Walk in the woods, M Heart, Laurel: I am truly gratified by your compliments. Thank you.

Lorraine: what I've learned is that there is no choice but to use what is around you for art (or life) because if you are waiting for the perfect materials or perfect situation, you will always be waiting.

Barbara Hagerty: Sometimes it's hard to find the beauty in the every day, when you get so caught up in living and todoing, but the beauty is there if we just look. Yay for the everyday beauty inspiration challenge.

iHanna said...

How lovely you write and live - beautiful journaling!

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