Monday, March 03, 2008

Now that I have been on a paring down kick

I’m really feeling less and less attached to all the stuff.

And not just having or collecting stuff. I’m not interested in buying. I’m not interested in having or knowing about or searching out the “best” of anything—other than the best ME. I like beauty, I like character, I still enjoy fashion and style and decorating, but I’m finding that I am not in a phase of putting a whole lot of energy into making them happen.

I’m tired of being tossed about by all the things I “should” do or “should” have or “should” be. I don’t really want to be a consumer, anymore, other than of food and art and maybe ideas… I have to think about what it means to “consume” ideas. Well, I do need some new jeans and some underwear, but after that, I’d like to go back to my consignment/thriftstore/yardsale ways, but ONLY for what I need and really want, not for the howcoolwhynot? stuff.

I was looking about online today and started finding all sorts of sites about organizing, simplifying, downsizing, zenifying etc. I sped around from link to link adding favorites, so that I can come back and look into them some more.

That’s the part where I have to see what it means to me to consume ideas. I think I want to focus on the things that are important to me, to think for myself about them, but to also search out others’ techniques and ideas on those things I care about. I DO NOT want to be led astray by all the wonderful things there are out in the world. Organizing and meal plans and simplifying are good. Writing and painting and childrearing, all good, but I don’t want to start waltzing with cool ideas that are not already on my dance card. No, I am not going to start making stuffed animals, or knitting. No, I am not going yard saling for cool furniture items that I can then refurbish. No, I am not going to be sucked into the vortex that is entertainment news!! A big no to that one. No, I am not going to sit infront of the tv all day just letting it play and distract me, even though there’s nothing on I particularly want to watch it.

Focus on the heart of what I want in my life, physically and mentally and emotionally and creatively. Trim away the distractions and the side-tracks and the fringes and the frou frou embellishments.

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