Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ground and Center

When life throws you a whole mess of road blocks, how to get back to what you know is the right path?

I am totally discombobulated right now. New home, stuff in boxes or storage. No routine to speak of, which is really bothering me. People all around… I’m not even used to having S around this much, and now on top of him, there’s my uncle and other family members visiting.

I have my projects floating around in the ether of my head, and in the suitcases in my room.

It would be really easy to take it easy and just let the projects slide, and just let the everyday living take over, but these bumps in the road of my path are just that, bumps. I don’t want to sit down and park my butt because it’s a little rough. This is the right path.

Despite the disorganization that is my life right now, I need to take some time out for myself and allow myself to be present, not only to the here and now, but also to my higher self; the self that, not coincidentally, knows exactly what needs to be done. Reconnecting with my self will allow me to move forward, instead of stalling out.

Maybe I am not quite ready to take up my novel again. Or paint pictures to sell. Maybe there are some steps that need to happen first before I can get my footing back. Ground and center. Find that balance so that the journey can keep on going.

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