Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Great Big, Scary, Unknown Adventure

Ivy is too young to really understand or care what is going on, but moving is hard on G. He sees his toys slowly disappearing and boxes slowly appearing, but it is a mystery to him. I don’t think he understands that we are leaving this house, the only house he’s ever known, for good. That’s okay. I’ve been emphasizing the “seeing Grandma” part.

He’s starting to act up a bit. Yelling and throwing things and tackling his baby sister. He isn’t sleeping well at all, taking hours at night to fall asleep. Last night I sat with him and told him exactly what was going to happen, with the packing up of toys and other things, and then the boxes going to be stored or shipped so we can have them later. I told him about how we were going to take our bags and go to the airport where we could see the planes up close, and then we would get on the airplane and fly above the clouds and when the plane landed we would see Grandma and he could sleep in the new toddler bed that she got for him with the Scooby dog that was waiting.

I think that made him feel better and he was able to fall asleep. Of course, this morning he opened up a box to find many of his beloved toys that are being shipped. He tried to pull them all out and when I put them back, oh, the yelling. Later, I had him go sit with papa and tell him all the things that were bothering him. Chief among them was, of course, “boxes.”

Well. It’s scary, it is. Scary to me and S, and we know what is going on. Of course, it might be scarier to us because we do know exactly what is going on and we have 37 and 43 years of old habits and ties to break. For G, I think if we focus on the Big Adventure aspect, it will be much easier. Because, you know, we’re going to get to go to the beach in a couple of days, where there will be lots of splashing and digging and running and exploring.

The adventures to come, for all of us, are unlimited.

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