Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We Adventured Into Greenpoint Today

And walked down unwalked-down streets. I found the YMCA, it’s across the street from both a police station and an Elementary School. What’s cool is that that corner is only a couple of blocks away from the apartment we’re trying to move into it.

We went to visit said apartment. It was up high. Third floor! Walk up! Yipes. But manageable, because the stairs are carpeted and not as steep as our present stairs, which means the boy feels more comfortable going up those stairs, and I won’t have to carry him up and down forever. It’s a little smaller than our current place, but not by much. It is a hundred times more gorgeous than this place. Love high ceilings, wide windows with real shutters, a bay window, gorgeous molding, dark wood doors and even a pantry. No washer dryer. Tiny kitchen. Oh well.

It’s totally doable. Extra doable since we are still considering our move to California in a year or so. We might someday soon try a left coast life style for a while. Interesting idea.

As for the adventure part, G loved running through the place, closing doors and heading through into other doors. And then closing them. And he went down the stairs on his own, sliding butt first style. He seemed to enjoy it. Adventure boy and the twisty stairs. Did I mention they twisted, too?

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