Monday, October 29, 2007

More Delays

We are trying to get this new apartment in an unorthodox way, so things keep getting put off. First a failed attempt at subletting, then going directly to the landlady skipping the normal channels. It’s only a couple of days to the first of the month and we haven’t met the landlady yet.

Packing also keeps getting put off. Which makes sense. Why rush to pack when we’ll be here for another two weeks. Or is it another month? Or maybe we’ll be here until the end of the lease? Who knows. I suppose the packing aspect could be considered organized if I were actually doing it. And it’s as timely as getting a lease has been. Unfortunately.

If I were in charge of this matter, would things be expedited? Would we be getting ready to move right now? It’s frustrating.

But on the plus side, I have more time to pack. I don’t have to be so driven. Especially since I’m not getting any help from S, who I don’t think is ready to let go of this apartment. He says it’s an end of an era, Joe Torre is no longer with the Yankees. His old cat passed away two days ago, and we have to leave the apartment he’s lived in for almost 15 years. I’ve only been here 3 years, and am not as attached. I’m ready to let it go for the nice light and space and neighborhood of the new place (that I hope to all that is holy and good will actually come through.)

So, back to packing. Back to tossing things we don’t need. And I’m ready to toss. Forget the stupid moving sale. If I’m not getting any help with packing, I’m certainly not going to get any help with getting ready for and holding a moving sale. For the few things that are too nice to put out on the sidewalk I can make a listing somewhere. THROW IT ALL AWAY. Or give it. I should call my sister, maybe she’ll take it. Maybe she’ll take my desk! I bet JJ would like to use him. (He’s a he. I made him my boyfriend when I first got him, 15 years ago.)

Packing here is about releasing things into the wild, or wrapping them up to hold onto them. I’m getting more and more ready to release EVERYTHING, and let go of this interminable process.

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