Thursday, August 02, 2007

We didn't "go" anywhere, but it's an adventure anyway

This morning, Gabriel wanted to paint. He took out his set of crayola water paints and poured a cup of water into it.

Ha Ha. Big mess, but it wasn’t on purpose. He wanted to paint. The mess was a side benefit.

I got him his paper—one of the ones that got doused in the cup-o-water spill, and he ran to get his paintbrush and he just started going.

He’s only two, but I think there was some deliberation in his painting today. I watched as he chose, over and over greens and purples/roses. He repeated his motions and marks, tried to cover up some black marks. Then he asked for the pencil he’d left on the table, and added some more marks with the pencil.

Near the end, he stuck his finger into the paint and made some emphatic marks on the right side. Then he kissed the painting.

I think that meant that he liked it and he was done.

It is very interesting to see a child begin to make choices, to express themselves, to have vision. Come to think of it, that’s the adventure for me.

1 comment:

Li said...

I think thats quite nice, you're raising a little artist, could it have been any other way?

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