Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Blog-o-Sea

I spent a lot of yesterday looking at blogs. I even commented upon a few of them, like I said I was going to. That’s good, big step up in my not being a frickin hermit and hiding my head (and my writing) in a hole. I found this one blog that I thought was hysterical and brilliant. The best I’d read in… well, possibly the best ever, in part because she isn’t trying to be something that she’s not, and part because she’s just that good a writer, and part because she is, did I say it? HYS. TER. I. CAL.

Check out this post if that is in dispute… but don’t if you have a sensitivity about cuss words, condoms, or the torture of teenagers.

I think she is so funny that it makes me all shy inside. I have my sense of humor, but it’s a much lighter, dryer, flakier kind of humor… like a biscuit.

A biscuit? What kind of metaphor is that? I guess I also just went to this blog so I’m feeling kind like blueberry cobbler.

Looking at all these blogs, though, got me thinking. I am no novice to this genre. Not to blogs and not to personal essays and not to journaling. Computers, I’m not so good with, but writing, that’s my thing. And journal writing? Well I’ve got about 70 hardbound journals sitting in a bookcase to attest to my experience with that. I’ve got just as much of a right to be seen and read and enjoyed as any other blogger. Everyone does, hurrah for the democracy of the internet, but why do I have this feeling in me that no one would want to bother with what I have to say? I mean, any more so than anyone else.

It’s time to take myself seriously as a writer—as someone who can and should be read be persons other than my immediate circle.

Get on out there, Rosy, the water’s fine (sharks? what sharks?)

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Anonymous said...

OK, this is my 3rd attempt at posting this comment so if they all end up appearing, please delete the first 2:

I’ve been reading your blog for a while and, after this current post, I decided to let you know.

I was thinking about our upcoming 20th HS reunion and about people I wished I’d befriended, and you were one of them. I did one of my “where are they now” searches and found your blog.

Your blog is inspiring. I enjoy your search for what defines you and how that interacts with motherhood. Kudos for plugging away at your art.

I also have hermit tendencies which I’ve actively fought this past year. I don’t paint anymore but I jhave “take a life-drawing class” on my list.

I have 2 kids that force me to face my shortcomings and do something about them. It’s comforting to know someone else is dealing with similar issues.

SO, I hope that this little “RAH!RAH! Go Rowena!” Gives you a boost. keep writing!

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