Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tried to be virtuous today

Turned off the tv. Fed the little monkey a healthy well balanced meal or two. Went on a morning adventure when we usually don’t leave the house til three. Cooked a nice dinner from scratch for a bargain. Used up fresh veggies that were sitting in the fridge waiting to go bad. Had actual activities like drawing, jumping practice, splashing in the sink, dancing to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The second solid food meal for the baby, starring sweet potatoes.

But oh! The screaming! The tears! The tantrums!

If it wasn’t one, it was the other. Did the morning adventure screw up their napping schedule? Did I not give the boy enough breakfast? Was pierogi and apple sauce too weird for a late lunch, even though he loves all the ingredients, potato, spinach, pasta and apples? But then, he didn’t eat the cheese and crackers that I gave him for his late morning snack/early lunch,(his nap goes from noon to 3 or 4 sometimes.) All he wanted was chocolate or cake or more blueberries, and I wouldn’t give it to him with his lunch still sitting there. And then it was just hungry, cranky boy.

When I played with him, the baby cried because she was being ignored. When I fed the baby, the cranky boy got worse and at one point knocked over a step ladder, and ran into his room to lie face down underneath his crib. Whatever. Atleast he wasn’t damaging anything. Sometimes, they were both screaming at the top of their lungs at the same time. Usually it was when I had my hands wrist deep in raw meatloaf, or putting a full pan into a hot oven or something uninterruptable, like that.

I finally gave in and gave him the crackers and cheese he had left before. He only ate the crackers, but it got him over to dinner… which I do have to say he ate all of. He was so hungry he actually took a bite of the green bean, before spitting it out and wiping his mouth in disgust. Argggh.

Now he’s sitting here, happy with the milk and the brownie I gave him as a reward for eating all of his dinner. I never actually expected him to eat green beans, instead, I hid zucchini, onions, and olives inside the meatloaf. But as a tip for next time, chop the onions finer, maybe even grated like the zucchini.

So, I was virtuous, and didn’t give in to the lure and the easy out of the tv or of snacks or of processed food, but let me tell you…It was not enjoyable. I called my boyfriend and told him the next time he complained about my poor housekeeping skills while taking care of these two little kids, I was going to tear out his eyeballs.

I think threat of violence was warranted.

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