Monday, April 15, 2013

How To Get Creative 1-25, and Work In Progress

Work In Progress (dream catcher)
acrylic on paper

After a life of being creative, I think I've learned a few things. One of those things is that we are always starting over. We're always going through endings. We're always going through transformation. And we're always beginning again.

This is the process. Fighting it doesn't help, it just makes us feel guilty. Trusting the process means that we believe things will turn around, eventually. It gives us hope.

So in this period of starting over again (where did my creativity go? where?) I am going to make a list.  I like lists.

How To Get Creative

1. Start something.
2. Turn on the music and dance.
3. Take a camera and go take pictures of something.
4. Read an old journal.
5. Go to a museum or gallery or show or concert.
6. Talk to someone creative.
7. Watch a documentary about something you care about.
8. Divide a page into four sections. Fill each section with a different drawing, painting, poem, story, song.
9. Sing a song.
10. Play with clay. Create a tiny sculpture. Display it proudly.
11. Take out your old portfolio, mss, tapes, or other creative work, and look at it as if you'd never seen it before.
12. Climb a tree. Take a minute and pay attention to the view from up there.
13. Climb under a table. Take a minute and pay attention to the view from down there.
14. Cry unashamedly.
15. Take a shower and plan a great story/painting/dance routine/song while the water is running.
17. Freewrite in your journal for fifteen minuets without stopping.
18. Make something with a child.
19. Read your favorite author.
20. Write out 100 great words on little slips of paper. Fold the words and put them in a jar. Shake and pull a word or two. Create something based on those words.
21. Make a commitment to create something every day for one week, no matter how small.
22. Set an alarm for 15 minutes and be creative until that alarm goes off, no excuses and no stopping.
23. Join a class, group, workshop, community, blog party, organization, etc of like minded, creative beings.
24. Clean up your creative space.
25. Write a list of ways to be creative.

Seeing that I like lists, and since this is a process and there are a million ways to be creative, I just might come back and add to this list.

Add a comment and share your tricks to getting your creative juices flowing.


Ruby said...

Absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

In hypomania all this and more is possible. May be the creative people are different breed. They are fascinating.

Gold für World of Warcraft said...
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Carlos Santiago said...

Maravillosos consejos. Siempre me he preguntado porqué siendo la creatividad un regalo de la naturaleza y un don único de los humanos (que además está al alcance de todos), muchas personas la tienen metida en una caja llena de polvo, abandonada en un rincón de su mente.
Gracias Rowena por prestar la llave a los demás para abrir la caja perdida de la creatividad...

Wonderful advice. I always wondered why creativity being a present of nature and a unique gift of humans (which is also available to all), many people are stuck in a box full of dust, abandoned in a corner of his mind.
Thanks Rowena for giving others the key to open the cash loss of creativity ...

Lady Liv of Paltry said...


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