Thursday, February 07, 2013

Look Out Now or Flying Girl Makes It Through The Storm

Look Out Now, or Flying Girl Makes It Through The Storm
Pencil, Ink and Acrylic paint on vintage Alice in Wonderland book page
7 1/4" x 4 3/4" on 8 1/2"x 11"

This is my first flying girl in quite some time.

I'm not sure what the lesson here is, unless it's about learning how to breathe again after being buffeted about by the winds of fate.

Or perhaps remembering the lessons that I have already learned.

Or perhaps life is guaranteed to knock you around a bit, but if you manage to come out the other side, it is a lesson, not the doom that it felt like when you were caught in the middle of it.

That sounds suspiciously like "this too shall pass," but that's ok since that's one of my favorite old sayings.

Maybe the wisdom of getting older is learning to hunker down and wait it out, and understanding that there is  always going to be something better on the other side. Time goes faster than we think and we are stronger than we know.

Maybe this is just a reminder. It gets better. We get stronger.

Prints of this painting is for sale here:


Laura Ulrich said...

I don't see my previous post :( so if it posts twice I apologize. But I just purchased this print from Etsy. I am really looking forward to receiving it!! I plan to purchase more of your prints and do a wall in my sewing room! Your art is beautiful and it "speaks to me." Thank you for your art and adding beauty to our world.

Mary L. said...

I agree with Laura. Your "flying girl" prints speak volumes to me. I wish I could buy every one. I bought three several years ago just after my brother committed suicide. I took my time finding just the right one for myself and each of my two sisters. One shared "adventure", the other one "the breath", and the other, "kindness". The three of us now have each other's BAK (breath, adventure, kindness). Thank you for sharing yourself with others.

Rowena said...

Wow, you guys. Thanks so much. These comments mean an awful lot. I'm glad my work can touch you like this.

john smith said...
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catherine chin schwartz said...

LOVE your flying girls. Oh, and I love your pins. I try not to LIKE or repin every single one of your pins, because it would be creepy, but usually I do love them!! Hope you are settled nicely into FL...thx again for your advice on Chelsea:)

Mega Alicia Nicole said...

I once was told I was a "brilliant spirit" by a brilliant spirit. I've always relished over the fact that you were someone that taught me the true meaning of expressing myself in a manner that did not prohibit me from losing myself in the rage. Rowena you inspire so much more than what can be put on paper. I love this and because it's from someone I know, I admire this.

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