Friday, August 03, 2012

Easy DIY Sweet Creamer and a Pretty Tea Cup

 Yum. Sweet Cream Creamer.

I'm taking a break from the Harry Potter extravaganza to make myself a cup of iced coffee with this super easy creamer.

So easy.

One can of evaporated skim milk.
One can of sweetened condensed milk.

Mix together.

Pour into coffee.

I had an open can of sweetened condensed milk from making my sugar mice and I needed to use it up and then I came across this recipe.  And I always have coffee to drink. Regular coffee is fine with sugar, but iced coffee needs something that is already dissolved for sweetness. We don't want grainy iced coffee, now do we? No we don't. So I tried the creamer recipe. Maybe some day I'll get around to doing that cold brewed coffee thing. I should hurry up before summer is over.

And yes that is a parmesan cheese container. Don't hate me. They are a good size and have that nice flip cap, so the sticky stuff doesn't get all gummed up in the threads of the screw cap.

Here's the iced coffee. For some reason it reminds me of  my grandmother. She made cafe con leche all the time, and it wasn't with canned milk, but something about it brings her back, so that's nice.

Also nice is this lovely majolica tea cup I found at a thrift store when I was out looking for bottles and other supplies for my Harry Potter party.

It is so pretty I couldn't resist. Love the color and the design. I used to collect tea cups before I had kids, so it's nice to find one that I like.

Oh, what a pretty pattern.
And a lovely cup.

That is all. Break over. I must go back to tending the Harry Potter party now. I hope to have many pictures come Monday.  I hope I have the time to take photos. Sometimes I run out of time and the kids are too all up in my bizness and won't let me have leisurely photo shoots.  Well. We'll see what happens.

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