Wednesday, August 08, 2012

DIY Acid Pops for a Harry Potter Party

 This was one of my favorite Harry Potter handmade treats. It caused the least stress and delivered the most fun. I found the original recipe here and tweaked it a little. I found the original recipe through this post, and I have to give those girls credit for giving me some of my ideas.

 The original recipe used sour lollipops with honey to get them sticky and poprocks to add the sizzle.

I knew my kids and also knew that they do not always enjoy sour candies, and sometimes they can't even finish a fullsize lollipop. So here is my adaptation


One bag of dum dum pops, assorted flavors (about 24)
1/4 cup honey
the juice of one lemon
4 packets of poprocks, assorted flavors (I used watermelon, grape, and blue razz)

Put the honey and lemon juice into a small bowl and stir until it is well mixed.

Unwrap the dum dum pops and dip them one by one into the honey mixture. Set them aside to dry until the lollipop is sticky and tacky, not wet. I left mine out to dry for about an hour. If they are too wet, they will cause all the poprocks to lose their sizzle. I used an upside down colander to dry my lollipops and was very pleased with how it worked, not only to dry the acid pops, but also as presentation.

As close to presentation as possible, open up the packages of pop rocks. pour them into piles of separate colors. Then dip your sticky dum dum pops into the pop rocks and roll them around a bit to pick up the little nuggets. Stick them back in the colander, or however you are presenting them, and serve. It is best to eat them as soon as possible, because these do not keep at all. The few that were left at the end of the party had no acid left at all. They were still sweet lollipops, but the magic was gone.

I picked one color for each dum dum pop, but near the end when the poprocks were getting low, I combined the colors and had multi-color poprocks. Either way, it makes for a pretty candy. The presentation on the colander showed off the colors. It's also important to label your wizard candy, because without the name, it's just regular muggle candies mixed together. WITH the name, it's a treat imported from the Hogwarts Train candy cart.

 By mixing colors of pop rocks and dum dums, you can get a whole delightful assortment of pretty candies. This one is green and blue pop rocks on a white dum dum.

This is the one I had. It is grape pop rocks on a butterscotch dum dum. It was pretty tasty. And fun.

Not only did the kids enjoy these, but all the adults had one and relived their child hood a little.

Now that's magic that even muggles can practice.

You can see the rest of the Harry Potter party here, with links to the other crafts.

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