Thursday, May 03, 2012

Self Portrait, Reflection

Self portrait, Reflection

One of the things I learned last week when I kept track of my creative output and productivity in my creative log, is that some things made me feel happier and more productive. 

Oddly, one of the things that made me feel the most happy was just simply taking a walk to the post office. It wasn't the post office that made me happy, it was the walk, on which I took my camera and pulled it out when I saw things that struck me, things that made me happy... like this pretty porch with flowering tree and wicker chairs. 
 Or this one
 What a cozy place to curl up with a book in the shade, watching the cars or few pedestrians pass by.
 This is a picture of the famous Chelsea Jiffy silos behind a garage. I always want to take photos of them but some how, they never quite live up to the actual impression of them. I mean it's just a factory, really, a little industrial action, but there's something quite stunning about the white silos and the factory buildings and the train tracks in the middle of this small town.

So why did this little walk and photo shoot make me feel accomplished? I did particularly like the self portrait, but that wasn't it. It's not that I had some great output of work. I don't really consider photography to be my real work, for me it's just a hobby, something I do for fun. Some day I might take it more seriously, but right now, it's just something I do because I want to, without having any other responsibilities attached to it. There are no shoulds. No people who are counting on me. No deadlines or timetables involved. No money involved.

That might have been part of the good feelings. There was no stress in those few minutes of my walk. I was already on my way on one of my errands. I had no child duties. It was just me and my feet and my eyes and my thoughts. This is why I made "self" one of the categories in my creativity log, because there is something about taking care of yourself, doing things you know make you feel good, not just for the moment, but for the long run. Things that feed your soul and recharge you. I'm an introvert and I need time to myself to recharge, and as a mom, I don't often get it. I'm writing this post now with a little girl sitting five feet from me, jabbering on, with moments of silence.

A ten minute walk, taking pictures and having my thoughts to myself, being able to reflect upon my thoughts or take in my surroundings or just being able to BE myself set me back on the right path for two weeks, I think.

I think also I need to make sure this is part of my regular activities. Remember to walk out by myself. Even if I don't have an errand to run.

Do you remember to do things that are just for you? Do you remember to take care of your self in the middle of all your other responsibilities and doings for other people? What recharges you? What simple activities could you try that would feed your soul?

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