Thursday, May 24, 2012

Say Yes To Life, woodland animal paper doll greeting card

Say Yes To Life, woodland animal articulated paper doll greeting card

Here is my bunny. Well, here is the bunny I made for my Bunny. My daughter thinks her real name is Bunny and insists we all call her Ivy Bunny. I made the bunny paper doll particularly for her.

But I like this bunny here, on this card, with the background of lush leaves.  

A rabbit is a sign of Spring. It's a sign that there is abundance, a sign that things are growing, a sign that we should go ahead and let our hope out to romp around in lush gardens.

Don't hide from the joy and the opportunity, get out there and raid that lettuce patch of life. You belong in the abundance that is out there. You are made of yes. You are made of growth and fertility and creativity. Don't let the little fears keep you hidden in your burrow. A rabbit is small and gentle and vulnerable, but every moment they are alive, every step they take into the world is full of bravery and chance taking.

What are you hiding from out of fear? What could you say yes to that might change your life? What chances could you take that would open up possibilities for you? Where could you be brave. Practice saying yes everyday to something that scares you. You might be surprised at how your world can bloom.


Nikki Kennedy said...

these cards are beautiful! I have 2 little baby bunnies that hop around my yard, it surprised me at how quickly they became independent... hopping all the way to the front by the road alone. I want to scoop them up and save them! Great message, i've never thought of rabbits as brave <3

Rowena said...

A bunny hopped across my path right after I posted this, too. I suppose it's the season.

But bunnies as brave is my interpretation, really. It's true, they really are timid, but I was thinking, they are so timid and so vulnerable, it must take an act of huge bravery to just climb up out of that burrow every day.

Bravery is not about having no fear, but about being afraid and doing it anyway, right?

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