Monday, May 21, 2012

Live Small, Dream Big

Live Small Dream Big
acrylic on paper

While I am living in my small house with my small kids, painting small paintings and doing small daily things that add up to living a daily life, I need to remember the big dreams, the real, important dreams that I have. The big dreams that inform who I am and the choices I make.

I choose to live small so that I can follow my big dreams. I choose simplicity and time rather than glamour and excitement. But sometimes, caught up in the necessary movement of a small life, that fills up with chores and have-tos and frustrations and routines, and I forget all about the big dreams and instead of a small life that is making room for big thoughts and imagination and goals, I have a small life with small tasks, one that begins to lose satisfaction.

So I say remember your dreams. When making your daily choices, don't choose only to fill your days with the small necessaries, but also with the expansive, inspired, purposeful, revolutionary, meaningful, fulfilling dreams that inform the small steps you make each day. Remember your big reasons in the small actions.

Baby steps to big goals. They work. Simplicity leads to beauty. Purpose drives a small good life.

1 comment:

Zena said...

Wonderful post, I can relate to your words, and your painting is beautiful. Thanks for this reminder

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