Friday, December 03, 2010

Tiny Pink Owl. Gift #1!

Tiny Pink Owl
felt, embroidery floss, thread, fiberfill

Only moments to post before I go to work, so let's do this quick.

A Christmas present for the little girl. She asked for a Pink Owl, but I think she means a larger one that she can cuddle. I have a soft spot for minis, though, and only had time or supplies last night to make this mini owl. I think she'll like it, even though it's tiny. I am wondering what to do with it. Leave it like this like a doll toy? Or sew a pin on the back so she can wear it on her shirt? Or attach a hair pin so she can wear it in her hair? Or a chain, so it can be a necklace? Maybe I'll add a little loop at the top so it can be strung on a necklace, or played with solo.
Here's a close up. Tiny tiny stitches.


Stella said...

So adorable! You inspire me every day!

dthaase said...


susan said so said...

ohohohohohhhh, this is adorable! my daughter has been making larger pillows using basically the same design,. She'll love seeing these!

susan @ dreams underfoot

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