Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kitty WIP

upcycled scarf, felt, fiberfill, thread

So I have to post very quickly because I have much to do before work this morning and I can't let the girl see my computer screen, because this is her Christmas present. Or it will be when I finish.

Her face is mostly done, but for maybe a stitch here and there for shaping. I'm still considering whiskers and probably won't add them... but maybe I will.
Kitty detail

I'm still planning to do an outfit for her. A dress or skirt. A jacket. A scarf. A hat.

What can I say. I like to accessorize.

I like the way she came out, although she's kind of funky in the proportions. And the eyes look great, I think. They are buttons that came off of the plaid shirt that will be the bear I'm making for Gabriel. I've run out of fiberfill, so I will probably do the outfit for Kitty before I start the bear. And I think I'll use a different pattern for him, because the plaid shirt was a size three and I ended up with smaller pieces than I did with the scarf, which was narrow, but long. I also felted the scarf... the flannel shirt was pretty well washed already, but I did my best.

And the pictures aren't great since I did them while the girl was asleep with lamplight and it's hard to do a photoshoot with a present you're trying to keep secret from the girl who is always into everything.

Anyway, how is it going with all your craftiness? Creativity? To Do Lists? Keeping up with yourself?

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Anonymous said...

omg - so freakin' CUTE!!!!
Hope all is well on your end.

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