Wednesday, January 28, 2009

38 before 39 (Nov 19)

(In lieu of a painting, here I am in my writing corner, surrounded by some of my old favorite things that just arrived from storage in Brooklyn-- part of the reason why my art/writing routine is off kilter. I am surprised by how much better it feels to have my stuff-- and my library!-- with me again. I will share some of my old art with you once I've sorted through what I have. Some of it is still being held hostage at my sister's in NY.)

I have been uninspired by the painting I've been doing. I have an idea in my head, but it's not coming out right. I think it requires more time than I've had lately. I think it requires layers and details, and an extended session.... or more likely, it requires multiple sessions, where I give it air to breathe and allow different mindsets to filter in and affect the outcome. It requires space. And now I feel like I've gone and built it up, and now it has to be one whiz-bang painting. Darn it.

As an alternate to writing about creativity and my process, I think I will consider my upcoming year. Sure it seems like I've already done this, but not really. I've been thinking about the Portfolio Project, which is only 12 weeks long (ONLY 12 weeks long!) and I have my word for the year, which is BUILD. I even have a list of things to do before I'm forty, but I haven't thought about what I want to do for the year. So when I saw Hula Seventy and her post, I thought, now's the time!

1. Finish a final draft of Mythos. (working)
2. Get a driver's license.
3. Meet S's mom. (working)
4. Move into a new home.
5. Open my etsy store. (working)
6. Potty Train G (working)
7. Potty train AiAi
8. Make enough money to not have to get an extra job. (working)
9. Get a digital SLR camera.
10 Get a new computer.
11. Get new ballet flats.
12. Read Tarot professionally again.
13. Get a car.
14. Spend some time yard saleing and/or thrifting.
15. Write half of a first draft of a new novel.
16. Do nanowrimo again.
17. Do 100 paintings in 100 days.
18. Do the Portfolio Project. (working)
19. Start eating breakfast again. (working)
20. Start writing poetry again.
21. Send out some poetry to lit mags.
22. Figure out Flickr.
23. Get business cards.
24. Get an agent for my novel.
25. Publish some articles for pay.
26. Have fun decorating my house.
27. Have a real Birthday party for G
28. Have a functional, inspiring, comfortable studio/office. (working)
29. Start teaching workshops again.
30. Join a writing workshop.
31. Collect Flying Girl into some sort of book.
32. Put That Which Rises On Line. (just got from Brooklyn)
33. Put my Williamsburg Brooklyn Altered Book On Line. (just got from Brooklyn)
34. Write an outline for Creativity Book.
35. Cultivate friends irl.
36. Cultivate babysitters irl.
37. Visit P in Atlanta.
38. Get a grant.
39. Enjoy Life. (working)


Genie Sea said...

Best of luck with your extensive list! It's an exciting one!

I would love to see the flying girl series in a book! :)

Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

Looks like many exciting things await you. I can't wait to read about you knocking them out, one by one.

And congrats on getting your things close. That is important.


mapelba said...

I'm a bit late...

Dia said...

great list - & like that you've marked ones that are 'in the works!' . . . May these or something better manifest!

tekeal said...

i actually wanted to ask if you had thought of a book for your FG's. i would buy it. they need to be together, telling their story. ( dare i speak so presumptuously?!)

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