Saturday, September 29, 2007

So Say The Stars

I found a site that gives parent and child astrology compatibility forecasts.

Scorpio parent – Pisces child
This is a great combination – a child who nourishes your soul. Both of you are water signs and will automatically understand each other. Your little Pisces child is full of imagination and
dreams and will just go with the flow. You might try to get him to stick to some sort of plan, to adhere to some rules, but you are wasting your time. He will just withdraw into himself and flow out in another direction. The Scorpio parent will love the kindness and gentleness of this little child, as they will feel
appreciated. You can pick up each other’s feelings without speaking and this bond ensures that you grow closer and closer to each other. This child will really affect you to the depths of your soul. You will do anything for him, and he in turn will do the same for you. Fuel his imagination with fantasy stories
and games.

Scorpio parent – Cancer child
How similar, the Scorpion and the Crab – both have hard shells hiding their real selves from the world. Both can strike out their pincers if you get too close. This parent/child combination is intense and emotional. The Scorpio parent will understand well when this Cancerian child is slow to move out into the world, and needs to test the water first before any move is made. The well-controlled and proven environment, which Scorpio will have laid out for little Cancer, will be adhered to well by the Cancerian – he is not one to take risks anyway and always likes to stick to the safe and trusted path. As he grows older, a bond of teamwork can be achieved if both are driving towards the same goals.

G is the Cancer and Ivy is the Pisces. I actually love these little reports. They warm my heart. I mean, who really knows what our relationship will be like, but if they follow what’s written here, I will be very happy, because those sound like great relationships, and they would very well with what I want.

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