Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Road Begins

I started my second draft today during nap time. Four pages so far. Added a new kind of intermission or heading that I want for all the chapters… a view from the outside, in a way. News reels. Documents. Correspondence. They live in a formal, constructed world, although from the inside, being used to it, they wouldn’t really see it. So I can deal with a lot of the exposition that way, rather than always having the characters talking about “the way things are.”

Also started with changing the POV, and that seems to be helping with the exposition overload, also.

Of course, the babies are up from their naps now, and I have to take them to the playground. So that’s all for right now.

But I started. Yes I did.

And that’s the way things move in my life right now. In inches. 4 pages a day means it will be done in a few months. I guess from here on in, I am stilling time to write. A few minutes here. An hour there.

Well. I’ll work on it. I’d like to have at least an hour a day scheduled. That means I’ll have to give something else up.

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