Monday, March 06, 2006

Making the Bed, Making the Bed

It's a day to mark down in history-- I have made the bed, first thing in the morning EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!

I've swept the floor, I've put away the co-sleeper, I've packed away the recycling. I'm still working on the dishes. But then, the dishes never ever ever end.

See, I am working on it. I am working on my slobbiness. My name is Rowena, I am a slob. Of course, I'm not working on it THAT hard. I wouldn't want to go against my nature. Plus, I found a quote that makes me feel a little bit better about that there slobby nature.

A clean house is a sign of a life misspent.

It's a reminder to me about how I don't need to get down on myself for not keeping the place immaculate. I'm doing better, but the apartment is by no means Martha Stewart ready. I would be happy if it didn't embarrass me when I got deliveries.

With the boy now learning how to crawl, though, I have to step up on some of that slobiness. The dishes can stay where they are, he can't reach them, but I have to get down on the floor and clean it up of all possible choking habits. I really should go through all the book cases and check them out to make sure there aren't baskets of beads or little gewgaws. I'm a collector of little gizmos and fiddle faddle. Little pretty things just fascinating enough and small enough to go into an inquisitive mouth. It's an incentive to clean things up.

And if you've noticed, I've also managed to write in my blog almost everyday for quite a while. I don't think the bed making and the blog writing are coincidental.

I have a life to step back into, man. I've got things to do, places to go, babies to feed.

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Sherwin said...

Hi Rowena, enjoy your writing it is so full and giving. You make me think of myself when I was younger, like you I have always wanted to stay in control of my being and not gaught up in things that could tear me down and hurt the ones that I most cared about.

I had a seceret passed on to me by an older sister, now gone. She said once to make list and mark off what I accomplished. Never look at what I didn't get done, just take satisfaction at what I managed to get done, then start a new list for the next day. This helped when working, raising two children, trying to keep a decent home with a partner that was never there except to change clothes. It also made the time with my children better and I didn't feel like a zombie walking around in a fog.

Make a list too of all the things you personely want to do for your self, like your painting and writing, treating yourself to something new, even if it is small. Keep your dreams alive for they are important in staying alive and in control of ones self.

Love your family and enjoy them, but always keep a special time for you. The perfect clean spotless home means there is a zombie taking care of it that doesn't know she is a breathing, smart and important person too. This isn't saying theres anything wrong with keeping the perfect home, some people trive on doing such things. To each their own!

Hang in there, it sounds like you have a very good handle on yourself and your life.

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