Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Of Writers and Divas

La Diva Airstream, articulated paper doll
giclee print, mini brads, ~8.5" high

I've printed out, cut out and assembled my La Diva paper doll. I just wanted to show you how cool she turned out when all put together. I still think she needs a frilly apron, and now a vintage camera, but there wasn't room on the paper when I was drawing. Those "new style" skirts take up a lot of material... fabric and/or paper.

She is far more glam than I will ever be, but I am glad that she was commissioned, because I love her.

I've also put her up for sale in my shop. Finally. I'm trying to get my back log up in there, but there's so much I get overwhelmed. So it's an achievement to put her together, do a photo shoot, edit, and list. And then go and write a post! Geez.

So tell me to stop feel like I'm cheating for putting the same piece up two posts in a row. I already feel guilty for letting my once daily blog slip to once weekly if I'm lucky.
The Writer, Altar Ego, close up of articulated paper doll
giclee, paper, mini brads, 8" tall

And here's a reminder about The Writer. She's up in my shop, too. How exciting. Two new things. And she also serves as a constant reminder to myself that I am working on my novel, however slowly, even if it's just researching the query process.

I also started some polymer clay beads last night, while watching Glee, which I just love. It's an experimental process, but I want a new necklace, so I brought out my clay.

I hope your processes are continuing on. I hope you're not too hard on yourself when you don't get as far as you'd like. I hope you're letting your alter egos out to play sometimes. It's good to play sometimes.


mapelba said...

The paper dolls are great! And I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. NO GUILT!

Rowena said...

No. Guilt!

Stella said...

I haven't posted in months. And now I'm not sure I even should as I don't deserve a faithful readership, because I, in turn have not been faithful!

I love this La Diva! So, do you just hang it on a corkboard? I kind of want to get one framed properly. Maybe I should commission one almost like that with a camera for sure!

QS said...

Blog posts aren't the only way to be creative. One post that includes several other creative projects gets double and triple credit. I loved paper dolls as a girl and always expanded their wardrobe.

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