Wednesday, May 25, 2011


paper, pencil, acrylic paint
8.5 x5"

This morning I sat down to draw with a couple of things in my head for inspirations. One of them here, and one of them here.

But what came out was this painting. Why? What does it mean? I meant it to mean, "I am trying to stay grounded," but as I painted, I got a feeling of anxiety and oppression. Not what I was intending.

And then I began to see the hatchmarks not as time passing, which sometimes is what it feels, but words. Words on a page, words in a book, words spoken and heard. Ideas made real.

And then I thought of this "write one word over and over" prompt from Wreck this Journal. And I had somewhere to go with this piece that wasn't oppressive. I still feel like there might be room on the opposite journal page for words or even color, but right now, this is where I am.

I like this piece. Hope does come out of darkness, you see.


A gratuitous photo, because somehow, the painting feels like stone to me, and perhaps some rain. And I took this photo right after I made the painting. And there's nothing like a rock for being grounded.


Louise said...

Glad you pushed through the discomfort of this creation! I was instantly drawn to her - to the way she is holding herself and to the fall of her hair.

susan said so said...

I heard a bedtime prayer once that I saying occasionally, when I feel like I'll need extra help sleeping. It goes:

"Let me sink down like a stone, and rise up like new bread."

Isn't that lovely? So peaceful, and evocative, and simple...

I have a heavy, smooth stone that just fits in my hand, and sometimes I hold it as I'm falling asleep. It grounds me enough so that I can let go.

Susan @DreamsUnderfoot(from pinterest)

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