Monday, October 11, 2010

A Day In My Life, 10/10/10

First Picture, Still Sleeping

Holy Cannoli! I have a lot of pictures. This is only some of the photos from my day long photo shoot of October 10th, 2010. 10/10/10. There are some more on my flickr account. I don't think there are any duplicates between the two. And there are still more that I haven't published, but could. And there are still more, not uploaded from my camera, that I took after the kids went to bed. Not that many. I was tired and busy editing.

One good side effect to all these pictures is that I finally signed up for flickr pro. Maybe that will entice me to use flickr more effectively.

Anyway, there are so many pictures that I think I will just title them, rather than write about every single one. All photos here were taken on 10/10/10, with my old Casio exilim point and shoot that fits into my pocket.
We Are Wide Awake
Cat Love
Waiting For Coffee
Save Me
I Wuv Fuzzy
Constant Motion
Crazy Hair
South Street
Go Go Go
I Love Lattes
Home Again
Yard Sunshine
Bedtime Stories


Anonymous said...

Love your photo day Row! Poor kitty needing saving made me laugh, as did "I love lattes" (me too :D ). Great job with this! I like the idea of documenting a whole day - might have to try that sometime.

Rowena said...

It was a lot of fun, although I got some strange looks from my manager when I took a picture of the empty counter at opening. It is a LOT of pictures to go through, though.

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