Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Flying Girl Has A Girls' Night Out, or Boo!

Flying Girl Has A Girls' Night Out, or Boo! 9/30/08
Golden Fluid Acrylics

Here is a reminder to us all to have some fun with life. Whimsy is good. Humor is good. Fantasy rocks. Imagination takes us for a ride. Dance around the room. Make your escape for a few moments, whether it's out to a grown up bar for pumpkin martinis or into a pillow fort. Stare at the leaves blowing above your head. Splash in some puddles. Sing a song and laugh at how you get the lyrics wrong. Draw with crayons without trying to make some Great Work of Art.

Halloween is coming up, my friends. It is indeed October. Halloween, while it started as a pagan remembering of the dead and the eve to let the spirits run free, is now a time to let out your could have beens, your alter egos, your animas and animuses (animi? anime? any muses? I have no ideas how that's supposed to be pluralized). Flying Girl's inner witch needs to be let loose.

So what if this painting didn't put me into a trance or make me swoon with layered paint treatments. Not everything has to be genius. And I do rather like the brown silhouettes of tree and house. In fact, the tree was kind of fun to paint, not as hard as I thought it would be at all. And I'm kind of enjoying the graphic quality of it all. And I think I'd like to sit on that porch, or peer out of that window. Hey! The house has a window! I guess this Flying Girl isn't trapped in some claustrophobic house, but instead is just stepping out for a whirl, leaving the home fires burning for a cozy return. So I suppose all of our flights don't have to be some risky, never-been-done-before proposition. We can fly just for fun!

Fun! I say!

That idea of Flying Girl stepping out for a night dressed as a witch seemed like so much fun to me, I had to keep going. Or, perhaps I had to follow Flying Girl and see where she was going.
Girls Night Out, 10/1/08
Big Draw #1

I am IN LOVE with this drawing. I love how each little witchie has her own personality, the laid back cool of the one on the right, the eager cheerfulness of the one on the left, and the confident style of the one in the middle. Notice how her hat is cocked as she leads the girls in the toast. I wonder what she is toasting to?

And I adore their striped socks. And flying girl, when she's not flying, looks like she's wearing a postmodern designer frock, all fluid lines and hi-tech fabric.

I also love how this sketch is so casual. Really, I just whipped it off, without concern for perfection, just for the adventure and fun of it. I didn't care about the scratch lines or mistakes or what a mess those chairs are. I just wanted to draw it. And I meant to color them all in green to match the pumpkin stem, but picked up the wrong pen and painted them in gray, which I decided was a happy accident, and so much more subtle than the intended green or the expected black. Maybe they're toasting happy accidents.

This also counts as my first drawing in The Big Draw, since I did it after midnight. Here's another post about it from Elizabeth that might help explain it all.

And this post also serves as an announcement that I am going to do a bloggy Halloween party with A Fanciful Twist on October 18, and you're welcome to party along. I mentioned it in my 38 Things ToDo Before 38 List, but I wanted to say it again. Especially if I don't manage to update my sidebar with the information and links and buttons... that kind of thing can be hit or miss with me.

All in all, I don't want to get too serious with my quest to be "An Artist" and I want to remember to have fun and have fun with my kids. Maybe by over booking my challenges I will force myself to not take them so seriously.

Remember to party yourself. Flying Girl says so.


ELK said...

"not everything has to be genius"
that is a motto to live by!! I hope your day is really wonderful~

Anonymous said...

Love those witches! Love the whimsical. We need them both in our lives, I think.

Karen Mowrey said...

oh honey..."be an artist"? You are an artist!!!

Awesome fist "big draw" picture.

This inner witch and outer everything else would love to bee able to hook up for a pumpkin martini!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Love the drawing! Count us in - we're stocking up on pumpkins already :)

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful! Especially love the bottom drawing.

sukipoet said...

Love the witch drawing. So apt for October. Where art these witches gathering??

Cestandrea said...

Hi, I'm from the big draw and thought I'd have a look the blogs listed for the Big Draw:) and I love witches and your's are just so nice in their striped socks,
will be back soon

Elizabeth said...

Hi there. Nice work here, i like your witches. Happy drawing!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the witches!

And, oh my, you are an artist!

Rowena said...

Oh dear. Did I say I wasn't an artist?

I guess it's my personal lexicon. An artist is a person who makes art. Yay, artists.

An "artist" is a person who earns money from art. A "real" artist.

I know it's a silly distinction, but therein lie my issues. Never had problems making art, or writing, for that matter. Always back away from pursuing a career in which I would be PAID for what I do.

I'm working on it. I swear.

Karen Mowrey said...

A good friend of mine who opened up the art school Lauren has been going to for over a year now said to me once. "I make art...not money" and this guy is amazing.

baby steps!

Cat said...

Completely dig your witchy girls night out... Love your flying girl as well. Got your blog link off of soulemama where you wrote about striped warm socks. Any suggestions as to where to buy them online? Thanks and I will be stopping by from now on :)

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