Monday, October 20, 2008

Flying Girl Brings A Cupcake For You, or Treat

Flying Girl Brings A Cupcake For You, or Treat
10/2o/08 The Big Draw #20
Golden Acrylic and Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens.

I've been exposed! I cheated. Well, I didn't really, but I thought I was. Yesterday's Stripey Flying Girl was not actually #18. Her cupcake brother was #18, and I drew her in the morning before I posted, which makes her #19. Why did I call her 18? I don't know.

I didn't do any painting last night, either. After getting home from my mom's house and the grocery store, where Ivy got sick and threw up in the cart, I didn't feel like painting and went to bed early. No drawing last night, so this morning, over my rebellion against FG, I painted... well, drew. Well, both. Painted the background, drew in the FG and painted in the white stripes.

I was planning to call her my TBD entry, but there's no need, or it doesn't matter. Goodness, I'm drawing! I'm drawing! And painting! It's all good.

But I was still taken with Stripey, although I didn't like her hair, so I thought I'd try her again. Without the conceptualizing and using less painting and more drawing, it went really fast and I finished only a little bit after the kids went to sleep. During Charlie Rose on PBS. I think it's funny that my creativity is fed by television.

Just like my early bedtime last night, FG wants you all to take care of yourself and give back to yourself. Eat right, (or don't eat so right, if you do too much of that...mmmm cupcakes) take a bath, go for a walk, have a yard saleing adventure or a night out. Whatever it is that feeds you, FG brings it to you, so that you can be rejuvenated and get back to the business of creativity. Feed the body, feed the soul, feed the creativity.

And don't forget to wear stripes.... I mean breathe.

Hey! I'm actually wearing stripes today. Total accident, I swear.


julietk said...

I enjoyed my visit,such great pics :D this party is introducing me to so many great blogs, Hugs Juliet

Mary Richmond said...

i love the spirit in this little drawing! so free and fun!

Kate Lord Brown said...

This is a great look for Flying Girl - reminds me of much loved Tim Burton movies (Night Before Christmas, Corpse Bride ...) - pumpkins aplenty round here.

Jena Strong said...

Stripes. I mean breathe. I mean eat the cupcake already.

sukipoet said...

Love that hair. Oh, so you get charlie rose over there. or are you over here? I forgot about his program till you menitoned it. I wonder when its on up here w/VT?NH public tv.

cliodhna said...

what did Ivy think of the stripes on this painting? I adore them! I want that dress! and my cupcake of choice is a walk with my dogs.. always calms me down.. x

Rowena said...

cliodhna... I don't know what she thought of the stripes. She wasn't there when I was painting it. And I think I didn't show them this one, because I painted it out of routine. Usually they both go, "oooh," and point out whatever they like, touching things all over with grubby hands.

Suki, I watch Charlie Rose at nap time. Must be last night's shows. But I am in no more an exotic place than Florida, land of 'your vote don't count.'

Jena, have you tried peanut butter oreos? Those are new. And I've been having Heath Klondike Bars once the kids go to sleep. Ahh, breathing.

Kate, I totally get the Tim Burton thing. After yesterday's drawing, how could I not?

Mary and Juliet, thanks for the kind words. I really must get around to the halloween party more. I've been a bit overwhelmed. oops, kid is calling.

Anonymous said...

THe only time I watch TV anymore is when I'm also making art. I like watching tv, but I like to have something else to do while I watch it.

D'Arcy said...

The White there are some stripes I like.

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