Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Winter of this Warrioring

Right now, it's a cold and wintry semi-industrial Brooklyn that we're warrioring away in. But in a mere couple of weeks, it will be the warm and semi-tropical state named for flowers.

That's right, Warriorfamily will be off on a warrior adventure for a time still to be determined. We're packing up our Brooklyn apartment, storing what we can, tossing what we can, and hauling the rest of it off to Florida. We like to think of it as an extended working vacation.

The thing about being a warrior is that sometimes, you have to retreat. Re-evaluate the situation. Regain your strength.

Is there a better place to do that than on the beach? With Grandma down the street?

There are so many things to reconsider right now. One of the big ones is where we actually want to settle. Do we go back to New York City, or do we head out for the Pacific? I am drawn to both options. There are so many possibilities in each.

I also want to take the time, while I am down in Florida with family about to watch the kiddoes, to pay some more attention to my own writing and art. I want to build up my writing practice again and finish my novels. I want to start painting again. I want to work on my blog, which has been so neglected in the winter of this warrioring. I look forward to sharing projects and stories and photos of all the adventures we will be going on.

Oh, and I wanted to thank elsita for adding me to her roster of blog friends. I find her blog and her art so inspiring. You can find her here

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