Thursday, May 04, 2006


Today Gabriel and I went to the zoo for the first time. We went to the Brooklyn Zoo in Park Slope. It was great, but I'm exhausted. The trip started at 9am, when I had to leave to meet the other moms and babies at the subway. I practically ran because I was late, but it was pretty funny to see Gabriel's joy when I brought the stroller out so early.

We walked through the park-- long walk-- but stopped at the lake to see the geese and ducks. Much fun, then got to the zoo proper. The babies were hysterical when they got to the huge fish tank. They all lined up in front of the glass, standing on the ledge, hands and faces pressed up to the tank, watching the big ole fish and turtles swim past. Very cute.

Gabriel liked the bunny, and the meerkats, and the otters-- basically anything that reminded him of his kitty-girlfriend, I think. But he ADORED the alpaca. It was in the "barn", kind of a petting zoo, and the alpacas had just been sheared for the summer. They had these long stringy necks and their heads were big, and still fuzzy. They came right up to the babies, looking to be fed, I think. Gabriel loved them. Reached out for alpaca nose, got licked. He stood on the stall door and giggled hysterically. Then, when it was time to move on to the next animal, wouldn't let go of the door. Hung on, leaning over, laughing and staring at the alpaca. Then, the goats nibbled his toes and the cow ignored him.

So much fun. Then we walked back through the park, took the subway home. Now I'm pooped, and Gabriel's sleeping.

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